One who eats lunch with you but does not clean up after himself or put away the chair he got feom another location.
O Pavlos ine malakas yiati afise tin karekla sto grafio mou kai tora preppi na tin paro ego na tin valo sto alo domatio.

O Pavlos ine malakas yiati afise ta skoupidia tou edo.

O Pavlos troi tsonta; diladi, then ine malakas alla ine poustis.
by pavlosINEmalakas January 19, 2007
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Means wanker in Greek. The best word ever. Makes sense in any usage and most uncultured swines don’t know what it means. Most commonly used in assasins creed odyssey (the best game in the world).
Cultured swine: did you know that you have to buy the fate of Atlantis dlc in assasins creed odyssey?

Cultured frog: I know they’re fucking malakas!:(
by A_dickhead_hater August 14, 2019
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An abnormally tall lady with fantastic hair. She typically screams random phrases at the world regardless of who or what she is yelling at.
That girl was screaming "do you know who i am" and "you smell like dog shit" down St. Catherine Street. What a malaka.
by PoBewJew February 09, 2008
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an often disgusting mixture of random non-toxic foods and/or liquids.
the hindu cab driver happily drank the Guida's malaka for the 20 dollar bill.
by chris guida May 16, 2005
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