A Mediterranean country where the men are men and the sheep are scared
The sheep in Greece always sleep with their brown eyes open.
by Mordgit Freeman October 25, 2012
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a synonym to the word debt
person : hey where did all the money go?
person from Greece : what is money?
by not a secret FBI agent November 20, 2021
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A combination of smegma and sweat. This is usually formed and turned into a liquid when jErKiNg off!
Dang, I just produced some Greece
by Atef Lord February 19, 2021
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No drinking age. Really you can just crack one even if you're 7 in Greece
Greece has a drinking age of you can drink really the second your dad came inside your mom.
by 🅱️ommunism January 17, 2022
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In the sex trade - A trip to Greece refers to intercoarse (either of anal or vaginal). Similar to A Trip to the Islands.
$300/hr - A trip to Greece
by TriptoGreece May 9, 2007
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The place where people go to buy hair grease
Hey! Wanna go on vacation to Greece?
Why would you go on vacation to a store you fucking idiot?
by Collloser The Typer Boi February 3, 2021
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Greece Is the place what is turk

The people are dumb idiots who think Alexander is greek but it’s macedonian
And The people are angry for nothing
by I’m weirdo October 26, 2019
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