1. (an greek insult) a fucking jackass and/or pervert; an idiot/asshole
2. what greek teens call one another
1. Ti sto thialo ekanes malaka?!
2. Malaka ti yinete?
by greekdude December 08, 2003
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The greek swear word meaning 'Master Masturbater', someone who mastubates often...it is used often as an insult to males (it is often used as the word wanker)
"look at that guy, he thinks he's so hot...what a malaka!"
by greekkoukla July 03, 2009
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greek for 'wanker'
used often in a workplace where there is a majority of greeks present
worker1: YOU MALAKA!
worker2: heh ... yeh
by LaRgO October 19, 2004
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1)a man who has severely damaged brain cells due to non-stoppin' mastrubation
2)Established surname of every Greek person
3)A man with no personal opinion or judgement
4)total dickhead,outcast of the fuckin' society
O Klasikos,O Malakas,O Ellinas!
by MAD DOGG The Catalyst September 28, 2007
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