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Malakas (Greek: nom. is a slang word, roughly equivalent to wanker, although it is usually employed where English would use asshole or jerk.1 It derives from the Greek word malakos (or 'malthakos'), which means "soft" or "spoilt, well-used to luxuries of life".2
In modern Greek, the word malakas is used metaphorically in everyday speech to define the individual that uses no common sense, who instead repeats the same mistakes many times over, while maintaining an attitude of self-righteousness. The relation is probably derived by the common notion according to which excessive masturbation harms the brain. While various swear words wax and wane in popularity, malakas is quite unaffected by phenomena such as this, being characterised by a certain timelesness. In addition, in parts of the world outside Greece, with significant Greek population (e.g. the States), the word malakas appears well known among non-Greek people too. This is perhaps an example of significant cultural exchange.
It falls into the class of slang where it is appropriate to use amongst friends, but may be considered an insult when used against strangers or enemies.
Malakas (female:mala'ko, or also can also be used in a variety of ways in modern Greek, according to the circumstance and the way the word is stressed:
In a phrase such as "Poor malakas", it is used affectionately.
Used imploringly, as in the phrase "Ela re malaka" (equivalent to "man" in the American "Come on, man")
Used to convey disapproval (perhaps when the request of the previous usage is denied, "Ti malakas" ("What a jerk").
As part of expressions of awe, admiration or surprise, as in "o, re malaka!", typically not referring to other persons present
In a vulgar form it literally means "wanker". To give some emphasis to the aforementioned one could use the compound word 'hontro-malakas', meaning simply fat-malakas, or the superlative 'poly malakas', meaning very much a malakas. The expression 'grande-malakas', which sounds french-greek, is also common and its meaning more or less obvious.
Surprisingly though, its main everyday use is as a vocative form of displaying one's befriending:
Malakas is also one of the most common Modern Greek word known worldwide, and one of the very few such words not referring to typical products or places.
Malakas is also used sometimes as a mild ethnic slur versus Greeks, when used by non-Greeks, because of its very common everyday usage.
"Yia sou re malaka!" among friends, although it is not suggested that you call a stranger “malaka”. (This parallels Australians use of "bastard" and the British use of "mate".)
"Malakia" (abstract noun, plural "malakies") is used as
The literal act of wanking
A slang word for semen specifically produced by that act.
It also can be used to describe nonsense (better translated as bullshit)
An item considered worthless, a whatchamacallit.
A mistake, or (ironically and degradingly) a time-consuming non-productive action, eg. someone who is doing geeky things like studying Klingon language or playing video games, he is (is doing malakia) as a macho neo-Greek would comment. The parallel exists since these actions are a way to consume excessive energy and satisfy a desire, more or less like wanking.
In many cases, when someone wants to refer to acts classifying as "Malakia" or to a person classifying as "Malakas" this can by implied by the up-and-down movement of a closed fist (clear allusion to the act of masturbation).
Interestengly, malakas/malakia is the ideal word for mainstream greeks to describe persons or actions that can be classified as geeky.
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^ Tegopoulos, Fytrakis (1997). ("Mízon Hellinikó Lexikó"). Ekdoseis Armonia A.E., 676. ISBN 960-7598-04-0.

Used imploringly, as in the phrase "Ela re malaka" (equivalent to "man" in the American "Come on, man")
Used to convey disapproval (perhaps when the request of the previous usage is denied, "Ti malakas" ("What a jerk").
by Haris24 November 09, 2006
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Literally meaning the one who masturbates; and has become dumb because of that, but commonly used instead of a friends name(1). It can also lead to a broken nose if used to address a person one is not familiar with and can be used to threaten as well.
1. Re malaka, pame gia kamia frappa.
2. Tha sou spasw th mouri re malaka.
by Lin++ March 29, 2005
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Greek term for someone who has jerked off so many times that his brain has become soft, and he is now an idiot.
what a malaka
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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the greek word for wanka but usually used as a friendly greeting.
or used as a term of abuse
giasou re malaka
ti kavete malaka

aiyia mi sou malaka
by LatinaKaterina November 17, 2004
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A Greek very commonly used word .
1. Those who jerk off for a long period of time.
2. A good friend in common Greek
3. An Jackass who hited your car.
3. Those who are after chicks that never care for them.
4. Those who r romantic and wait forever for fancy chicks.
5. All the assholes in the world (including me)
1)Re ton malaka ton tarifa paraligo na mou faei to autokinito
2)Mazi mou asxolise poso Malakas eisai
3)Re ton malaka pali trexei piso apo opoia tou xamogelasei
by ManWithNoName April 04, 2005
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Greek word for wanker.
Useful word to know when visiting Greece, as you'll need to use it.
"Ela re, Malaka"
"He's such a malaka!"
by Posh Birds Do It Best March 28, 2009
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