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Verb- To creep and prey on high- school aged kids while being of the ages of 25 and older. Typically found in FLOKS, anyone who Maddenizes works a small job, has a few bestfriends, all of whom are at least ten years younger than him, and attends all of his former high- school's sporting events, ranging from armory- league basketball games to sectional championships. They are the "best fan," and probably shouildn't be allowed within 100 yards of a school, or a chuckie cheese.
I don't know, but it looks like he's ready to Maddenize
by FLOKhater2012 March 14, 2011
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To make a blatantly obvious comment in an attempt to sound like an expert.

Comments much like the famed John Madden NFL commentator would make about how the team that scores the most points usually wins.
Sports commentators now days are becoming maddenized as they always say the obvious thing and rarely have much insight.
by fresnoR October 17, 2009
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