Phrase to say when you've done something amazing and/or humiliating to someone else.
(while playing foosball).

Other kid: *scores own goal*

You: "own goal. you like this"
by WADDUP BROTHA April 30, 2011
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The phrase that everyone says while getting down with the opposite sex, in order to see if the person likes it or not, but this really means nothing because if your touching the persons cock they cant complain.
"You like the way i touch you? You like that?"
by Heyyyybabbyyyyy April 8, 2008
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Phrase most commonly used to say, "Hey, I am cooler than you are and look what I can do" or "Did that get your attention"
Josh says to Brent, "You really know how to hunt those cougars"...Brent replies, "You like that?"
by CougarBait December 9, 2008
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Most dick shriveling, pussy drying come on line ever invented.
Big fat mamma with wrinkly tits and ass comes out in a see-thru neglige. "You like?"
by kornpone July 13, 2006
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You like jazz comes from the most memorable line in the bee movie
You like jazz. Your not jazzy enough .
by Jazzy asthmatic asthetic October 1, 2019
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An insult used to declare that a person has done something homosexual or displeasing. The term orginated in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The term litterally would mean "You Like Men" however in bahamian slang "Men" is typically substituted for "Man." It is not strictly used to declare that a person is Gay or has done something homosexual, on the contrary it can be used when the user feels that a person has done or is doing something unpleasing, upsetting or even disrespectful or wrong.
"You like man, bey"

"You like man for doin' that, dog"

"You liking alot of man today, chief"
by Duh Boi February 19, 2009
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