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A team of delinquents, reprobates, malcontents, and blowhards that are the scourge of the NFL. Most veterans play for the Raiders because they're washed up and no other reputable team would touch them with a ten foot pole.

It is unclear which is more woeful. Their record of recent years or their ironic catch phrase of "Committment to Excellence".

See fucktard
Daughter: Daddy, what's a synonym for loser?

Father: There are lots of them honey, but the one that best describes would be the Oakland Raiders.

Daughter: Is it true that the Raiders suck?

Father: In every way possible. :)
by Fouts is God April 30, 2006
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he Oakland Raiders are a controversial NFL team reviled by "higher class" haters. They are loved by the Raider Nation, which consists of football fans who are intense, passionate individuals with chips on their shoulders. The Raiders have always insisted on doing things their way, playing with a lot of heart, and winning and succeeding in spite of their own foolish mistakes. To be a Raider is to defeat opponents sheerly based on your iron will, mental toughness, and true grit.

Perennial underdogs who revel in proving their critics wrong, the Raiders and their fans have a rich tradition of embracing former castoffs like Jim Plunkett and Rich Gannon and turning them into gunslinging, weatherbeaten winners.

The Raiders also have the best and most meaningful team slogans, "Pride and Poise," "Just Win, Baby," "Commitment to Excellence," and "Just Cut It Loose." For more information on the Oakland Raiders, check out the team's official anthem, "The Autumn Wind", which truly describes what it means to be a Raider.
Broncos Fan: Dude, the Oakland Raiders suck! Why are you still rooting for these losers?!!Go Broncos!!

Oakland Raider Fan: Win, lose, or tie, I'm a Raider 'til I die.

Next Day....

Broncos Fan: Hey can we not talk about football today?

Oakland Raiders Fan: Why because you're butt-hurt that the Raiders raped your donkeys in front of your own fans? 59-14 baby!!!! Suck on that, Run DMC all day baby!!! Donkeys suck!!!!
by paynasty23 December 29, 2010
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Team in the NFL who likes to play hard, and aggressive. Out-Laws of the NFL. They have one of the biggest fan bases, but they can't sell out the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Not very good in the last few years, but the 10-11 season is their starting point to go back to their winning ways.
Anyone who said the Oakland Raiders suck, FUCK YOU
by IloveTheRaiders December 26, 2010
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A Team that every player wants out of, or refuses to be a part of. Fans of the team are known as "Cholos" or "Homies"
Marcus Allen: Spent most of his Career with the Raiders, goes into the Hall of Fame as a Chief

Jerry Rice: Spent Some of Career with Oakland Raiders, retires a as a 49er

Rish Gannon: Retires after One Year as a Raider

Jerry Porter: Demands to be Traded

Ted Washington: Traded

Charles Woodson: Traded

I could go on and on
by Pzuedo October 02, 2006
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The team that every minority in California is a fan of. The Raiders, however, are a bunch of losers who could care less about the team and most of the time want out of the organization as soon as possible Examples: Jerry Rice, Rich Gannon, Tim Brown, Both the Woodsons, Ted Washington, Kerry Collins, I could go on and on

Despite haveing the biggest fanbase in the NFL and some legendary players, the Raiders just lose, and that's seems like it always is. Example: The 2005 Oakland Raiders had Randy Moss (WR), the expert at cathing the deepball, and Kerry Collins (QB) the excpert at throwing the deepball. They had a good RB in LaMont Jordan, a decent O-Line, and a defence that had veteran leadership in Charles Woodson and young players such as Ted Washington, and an okay coach in Norv Turner. The Raiders went 4-12 that year. THEN, in 2006, despite Matt Lienart being on the board and a pressing issue of the Raiders needing a QB, they draft the sub-par Michle Huff. Ted Washington Left, Charles Woodson left and Randy Moss had the worst year in all his career in 2006. So what do they do? They get Aaron Brooks, a player that has never even led a team to the fuckin' playoffs, and hire Art Shell, an inexcpierenced 40-something year old who played guard like 20 years ago.

So overall, Raiders are destined to lose and all there fans are a bunch of pricks who only wear Oakland Merchandise cause it makes them look cool. (And by look cool, I really mean look cool cuz the Raiders uniforms are tight as hell even though a winner will never wear it.)
Me: Wow, I just saw a white guy claiming to be a raiders fan getting shot up by a gang...

Someone Else: Well that's just typical Oakland Raiders fans, ruining all of the football by making a FOOTBALL TEAM into a GANG...

Me: What a bunch of pricks, damn, it must suck to be a raiders fan...
by Spikesy June 03, 2006
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Also: faders, raders. A team in the Oakland area, came to the American Football League, round 1950-60. Sucked so bad at one point that their senile, idiot of a general manager, al davis, had moved to LA, probably to stink that great city up. Well, they moved back to Oakland, to continue their tradition of losing horribly. that fatass john madden wanted to coach there. The fans seem like obvious freaks, so beware if your ever in a raders game, for you might get severely retared hanging around a rader fan. Made Randy Moss turn lazy and looked washed up. The only people to like the raders, well, the majority of them could fill a loony bin 10 times over. For Godssake, JaMarcus Russell is obviously smart enough to keep away from the raders as of now. Keep hangin on JaMarcus, somebody else is coming to rescue you! To sum it up, sucked doggy balls then, suck doggy balls now. oh and they're wannabe gangsters, couldn't even use the name "apple dumpling gang" cuz that'd sound too masculine to fit the raders. sorry if this is too long.
Antonio: y'know that sign in the philly eagles stadium wall that says "When we Recycle, everybody wins."?

Jerry: yeah? what does that gotta do with the oakland raiders?

Antonio: they mean:"when we recycle, everybody wins...... except the raiders!

to quote sportswriter Mike Freeman: "Oakland is making the Arizona Cardinals look like the New England Patriots."
by dr. cris August 19, 2007
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The winningest team since 1963. We are committed to excellence. Although we are currently struggling, the Raiders shall rise again. We're the team who racists despise because they are just haters. They can't stand to see a team wearing BLACK, who play in a predominately BLACK city, in front of a DIVERSE fan base. HATERS!!!
Raider Fan: I am a fan of the Oakland Raiders. The greatest team ever!

Panthers Fan: Boy, you ain't knows whats you's talkin' bout. Yal need to come on down fo a downhome swang.

Raider Fan: What are you saying, loser? Why don't you go get yourself an education.
by Rayder September 27, 2006
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