trickery resulting in social demoralisation
if someone puts an empty box of pringles back in the press and you are tricked into opening them,,,, you've been lampooned
by dr.p.curran dr.k.dizzle March 31, 2009
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A satirical piece of writing which ridicules someone or something.
Some of the most funny writings are lampoons which make fun of people.
by D-Vo February 2, 2006
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This is where someone gets verbally roasted or physically dominated.
To put someone back in their place.
'Oi mate, you just got lampooned '
by kghervubjf May 10, 2017
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A verb meaning to take the Micky of someone, causing them to feel sad,misunderstood or lonely
Awe are your children lampooning you how hilarious
by Aweeeeepw January 6, 2017
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to lampoon something is to make fun of someone who is of little importance
naomi: yo becca we just lampooned tom
becca: you bet we did
by the4.19 January 5, 2018
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The autocorrected form of lmao when too many o's are added. Can be used as the new and improved form of lmao, meaning laughing all my pretty objects off now.
OMG lampoon! That was so funny.
by Leggzrawrzz July 29, 2013
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When someone shoots for goal in football (soccer) with incredible power from outside the 18-yard box, it is said that the player has 'lampooned' a shot.

Thought to have derived from Frank Lampard Jnr., a midfield player for Chelsea well known for his long range shooting prowess.
"Whoa, Lamps really lampooned that one."
"I know, that was some serious lampoonage."
by James Frost July 20, 2006
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