a pimp who has reached the zenith of his profession/ trade
Stand back, here comes the real MacDaddy, the pope of pimps, with his hoes.
by Christian April 30, 2005
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Almost as cool as CaspDaddy. MD just doesnt get as much pussy as CD and cant chug as much as CD but MD is the second most badass person on this planet besides CD
Kate-Holy fucking shit marissa that is mother fucking MacDaddy and CaspDaddy they are they coolest sexiest most badass people on this planet
Marissa- i just wish one of them could cum in my mouth
by White gurlz December 21, 2019
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Official bouncer and crowd control specialist

of the imaginary, but well used "Russ's Pub" located within the Sunshine Beach Cafe.

Despite his additional managerial duties, MacDaddy still refuses to sport a cute outfit of the women's choosing,

no matter how many times they ask...
Hey MacDaddy ~ Why don't you wear some tight jeans and a cowboy hat tomorrow and do a strip tease for us??? Hmmmmm????

You know you want to !

See also MacGrad
by Dixie February 10, 2004
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a macddady is a man hoe he wants his weewee sucked by any wamen with a mouth
girl1-omg did u see jacob hes so hot

girl2- yeah he is but hes a total macdaddy
by Lickdoor October 6, 2017
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noun used to describe someone you don't like
because macdaddy killed my grandma ok
by doggiecraz3805 July 11, 2023
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Person 1: See that guy over there, that’s Bowen MacDaddy
Person 2: oh so he likes having sex with other men

Person 1: exactly
by Urbandictionarydictator November 25, 2021
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