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Official bouncer and crowd control specialist

of the imaginary, but well used "Russ's Pub" located within the Sunshine Beach Cafe.

Despite his additional managerial duties, MacDaddy still refuses to sport a cute outfit of the women's choosing,

no matter how many times they ask...
Hey MacDaddy ~ Why don't you wear some tight jeans and a cowboy hat tomorrow and do a strip tease for us??? Hmmmmm????

You know you want to !

See also MacGrad
by Dixie February 10, 2004
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1. Slang for a cute little person...

A baby or woman hopefully.

2. Another word for butt nugget.

(See butt nugget)
1. Hey Peanut !

Come on over here and give Ronchi a hug.

(See Ronchi)

2. Oh man ! I got a peanut stuck to my ass.
by Dixie February 08, 2004
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1. Person totally addicted to the t.v. show Paradise Hotel and wishes they themselves could be one of the guests staying at the luxurious hotel.


2. Specific person's board name.
Who also fits definition #1. and therefore chose that nick name for herself.
1. Hurry up I don't want to miss Paradise Hotel tonight...Wish I could be sitting by that pool drinking a big ol' Bahama Mama ~ And huggin on one of those guys... Yummm....

Response ~ You are such a PH-WANNA-BE.

2. Hey, has anyone seen PHWANNABE?
by Dixie February 08, 2004
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When I put your cock as far back in my mouth as it will go, and then hum the tune of the star spangled banner, or any other long song that has a good beat to hum to. i.e.: andy griffin theme, jeapordy theme, etc etc
I gave John one helluva hummer after we snorted that 8-ball last night.
by Dixie March 04, 2004
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...my name....
also used from austin powers "Dixie Normus" its really annoying actually...
"HEY!!I'ts Dixie Normus"

Or..."Dixie...how ya doin?"
by Dixie April 22, 2005
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See also Dixie ~

* Origination of name :

I have been asked several times for the origination of this name.
So here it is ~

Once upon a time,
I found out that my niece had been shipped off to some exotic location,
to be on some new reality t.v. show on Fox.

We had no idea where she was, because the location of the show was a secret.

I logged onto Fox t.v. on the computer, to see if I could find out where they had shipped my niece off to and when the show was going to air, so we wouldn't miss it.

I found the official Fox message board for a new show called "Paradise Hotel" and assumed that must be the right show.

A nickname was required to log on, and I had to think of something really fast, or log off.

The first thing that came to mind was the "Dixie Chicks" since they had been in the news a lot at the time.

I was upset that the Dixie Chicks were being banned, after one of them had said something negative about the President. (I feel everyone has a right to their opinion, whether we agree with it or not.)

Immediately after making her statement, radio stations refused to play their songs and people started burning their cds.

I thought this was ridiculous and incredibly un-American,

since we send our men and boys off to die in wars in other countries, so that people in other countries can have freedom.

And one of those freedoms is
"freedom of speech."

So for us to send our men and boys off to war to die
so that people in *other* countries can have a freedom that we apparently do not have in our *own* country, is ridiculous.

On principle, people should not have banned the Dixie Chicks' songs or cds.

They, as Americans, should have the same freedoms that we fight for in other countries.

Plus they have good, happy music. : )

So that's why the name popped into my head when I needed a nickname to log on with.

I'm not a groupie or anything,
and was not trying to pretend to "be" a Dixie Chick,
so I changed the name a little when I entered the nickname.

And that's the big long story of how the name "Dixie Chips" came into being.

Have a great day ~

And go buy a Dixie Chicks cd.

Listening to it will put you in a good mood...

It's really happy, uplifting music.

And may true freedom be forever protected in this great country of ours.

Best always, Dixie

: )
Dixie Chips thinks it's good to stand up for what you believe in.

Dixie Chips likes happy music.

Dixie Chips created the Sunshine Beach Cafe.

Dixie Chips wishes you all a prosperous and very blessed life.

Dixie Chips has left the building. lol
by Dixie May 18, 2004
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