3 definitions by White gurlz

Almost as cool as CaspDaddy. MD just doesnt get as much pussy as CD and cant chug as much as CD but MD is the second most badass person on this planet besides CD
Kate-Holy fucking shit marissa that is mother fucking MacDaddy and CaspDaddy they are they coolest sexiest most badass people on this planet
Marissa- i just wish one of them could cum in my mouth
by White gurlz December 21, 2019
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Ryan Casper is a young Dan Bilzerian. He gets any chick he wants whenever he wants. He’s a 6’3 175 Lbs fucking animal. If this guy is at the party it’s a fucking banger. He probably fucked your mother, girlfriend, sister and every girl you know and don’t know. Not only is he chiseled and a 10/10 but his cock is 8.5 inches. This is basically a living and breathing Jesus Christ. He’s the coolest, chilliest, funniest guy you’ll meet who loves Classic Rock more then he loves life. Ryan Casper is also know as CaspDaddy(CD) for having a shlong and knowing how to lay it down. His main priorities are Money, Rock and Roll, brews and gas, and yes you guessed it pussy. If you ever see this guy dap him up and ask him for an autograph he’s Jeff spicoli on roids
Julia: Omg girlies look it’s CaspDaddy
Ashley: I’m having a panic attack I need him inside me

Rob: Yeoo bro is that Ryan Casper
Billy: yeah that’s my fucking slime, lets go say waddup.

Every women on earth: Ryan Casper is the most beautiful man to walk this planet
by White gurlz October 28, 2019
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