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A German submachine gun made by the Heckler and Koch arms company. It is based off of their earlier G3 rifle, and is used by many SWAT, special forces, military, and counter terrorist units worldwide. It has many variants, mainly A2-A5, the shortened MP5K, and the silenced MP5SD. It is a very accurate, reliable, and quality gun that has become one of the world standards for submachine guns.
The MP5 is often carried by international counter terror squads
by Vic Viper Mk. II February 21, 2004
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Made by Heckler & Koch. Machinenpistole funf. Translated to machine pistol five
there are over 120 variants and
it does not only come in the 9mm.
(well the US is an exception)
There are also the 10mm and .40S&W models. They are called MP5/10 and MP5/40. The newest model of the MP5 would be the MP5F which stands for french and is being developed specifically for the French LE. But the newest MP5 model that is distributed world wide is the MP5K/PDW(even though it was made specifically for the US). there are many and i mean many trigger groups for the mp5. Few examples are, SEF: Safe, sEmi, Full-auto. 0-1-2: safe, semi, 2rd burst. 0-1-3: safe, semi, 3rd burst. Navy: which is just the SEF trigger grouping, safe semi full-auto
MP5's are unmatched and unchallenged in the world of CQBs.
by H&K lover September 05, 2003
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A sub-machinegun developed by Heckler & Koch in the 1960's. Derived from the famous G3 series of assault rifles, the MP5 used the same delayed-blowblack rollerlocking system. Originally chambered for 9 mm Parabellum, the venerable MP5 has also been rechambered for 10 mm Auto and .40 Smith & Wesson, with the latter being a preferred calibre of the FBI. Probably one of the most proliferous SMG's in the world, although it could be supplanted by newer submachineguns, due to the growing obsoleteness of 9 mm cartrdiges against armored targets.
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
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Machine Pistol-5, a weapon manufactured by Heckler and Koch. Mainstray weapons used by anti-terrorists, police teams, and many online games.
by Kenthar March 18, 2003
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mana regeneration per 5 second tick.
Don't waste all your dkp on that crap gear. it has no mp5 or +dmg/heal. In mmorpg's such as world of warcraft; higher levels of raiding require mana regeneration gear which ticks every five seconds.
by Tynant October 10, 2006
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Weapon commonly used by Special forces, SWAT teams, and urban assault groups. Commonly in video games. A 9mm sub-machine gun, manufacterd by Hechler and Koch (H&K). SWAT teams use this during busts.
Most the SWAT have MP5's so its not a good idea to resist them without a sub-machinegun or high powered rifle.
by alex May 03, 2003
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