mana regeneration per 5 second tick.
Don't waste all your dkp on that crap gear. it has no mp5 or +dmg/heal. In mmorpg's such as world of warcraft; higher levels of raiding require mana regeneration gear which ticks every five seconds.
by Tynant October 10, 2006
Submachine gun. MP is actually the german words for "Machine Pistol"
"Dude, dagashi's mom was pwned by his dad with a MP5"
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 7, 2003
''sir i lost something''
-better not be that mp5

by bobbyuit April 4, 2006
also comes in 5.56mm NATO, if i am not mistaken.

Best submachine gun in the world.
The germans are just talented for building and perfecting weapons.
MP5 is a good example.

..they could never build an AK without
overperfecting it.
by WHS June 2, 2004
noun -- Submachine gun with integral silencer. Machine Pistole made by Heckler and Koch.
That mofiglio was bustin' off caps on his MP5-SD5 all day.
by Hans September 23, 2003
MY FAVORITE SMG! a german weapon that kicks ass in assault but is crappy for sniping
azumanga 2's guide to duel wielding has the mp5. cartman holds the mp5.
by sean morris February 13, 2005
Variation of the MP5 w/ scope and three round trigger group...plastic butstock
by george guarino February 19, 2005