The game where I have to mute everyone on because they are annoying morons.
Guy goes into COD lobby and its full of annoying 10 year olds screaming. Mutes everyone.
by Nick7805 June 4, 2012
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Classic Old Dude. Any male over 35 who has a penchant for dating younger women, usually of a different background. Money is usually paid in return. A COD usually has several (or all) of the following traits:

- Not particularly rich.
- Below average looks.
- Above average weight.
- Receding hairline.
- Vertically challenged.
- Low self esteem.

A common stomping ground for a COD is South East Asia, with Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand, being a favourite destination. When a COD returns to his homeland, the relationship is funded via Western Union, with the girl sending a stock standard email in return.
"There goes the COD, off to buy some more Viagra".
by John Silver September 1, 2006
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1. a pointless game about killing randomers
2. a yummy fish filled with omega 3
1. one dude- OMG LETS GO PLAY COD

2. one dude- OMG LETS GO EAT COD
other dude- HELL YEAH, THE OMEGA 3 IS LIKE OVER 9,000!!!!
by honeythehamster November 12, 2010
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A FPS set in WWII

designed to keep teenagers virgins for as long as possible and destroy all forms of social life/interaction
Girl: hey lets go and have sex
Guy: Not now im playing COD
by COD h8r November 9, 2010
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A rare disease developed by people who play Call of Duty. Usually used as an excuse for missing work in order to play more video games. It is most commonly developed by someone who has stayed up all night playing Hardcore Search and Destroy and is ever so close to reaching level 70.
Adam: I can't make it into work today I've got the COD.
Boss: OK, you better stay home until you get better.

George: Where's Adam today?
Gord: He's at home with the COD.
George: That bastard he's going to prestige before me! I think that I'm going to stay home with the COD tomorrow.
by [HOSR]Sprockman February 9, 2010
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Collect On Dick (analogy of Collect On Delivery). Invite a female over or a female just shows up and you lay the D as payment. 100% guarantee lay.
Ding-dong! *Answer door* "Hello," says man. Woman responds, "I am here to fix your plumbing". Guy is confused because he doesn't remember calling a plumber or anything for that matter but puss is puss. He then just does a COD. Guy does what guys do and female happily reciprocates ;) Happily ever after.
by The Rawdogger March 22, 2017
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