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Developed by Heckler & Koch(coke) of Germany. Stands for Universale Selbstlade Pistole or roughly tranlated self-loading pistol/semi-auto. Introduced in the early 1990's in the .40S&W caliber at first then the 9x19mm and finally the .45ACP. The .45 ACP model is the result of the Mark23 Model 0 which is also a .45 caliber.
There are many varients of the pistol. The tactical model in CS which is a .45
The compact series which also includes a .357 sig caliber which uses sig's bottle-necked rounds
USP Match, Expert, Elite, P8, P10, P12,
P2000, and the P2000 subcompact.
the MK23 mod 0(socom)pistol is my fav.
then the usp.45
then the sig p228
fuck berettas
by H&K lover September 05, 2003

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Made by Heckler & Koch. Machinenpistole funf. Translated to machine pistol five
there are over 120 variants and
it does not only come in the 9mm.
(well the US is an exception)
There are also the 10mm and .40S&W models. They are called MP5/10 and MP5/40. The newest model of the MP5 would be the MP5F which stands for french and is being developed specifically for the French LE. But the newest MP5 model that is distributed world wide is the MP5K/PDW(even though it was made specifically for the US). there are many and i mean many trigger groups for the mp5. Few examples are, SEF: Safe, sEmi, Full-auto. 0-1-2: safe, semi, 2rd burst. 0-1-3: safe, semi, 3rd burst. Navy: which is just the SEF trigger grouping, safe semi full-auto
MP5's are unmatched and unchallenged in the world of CQBs.
by H&K lover September 05, 2003

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Made by Heckler&Koch of germany and often mistaken, along with the msg-90
in the movie 'Sniper'. The rifle used in 'Sniper' was an SR9(TC)
I was able to fire a PSG-1. It was bliss.
by H&K lover September 05, 2003

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leader in the development and manufacturing of tactical and modern weapons in the world. Called euro-trash often by those who are jealous because the weapons they adore are inferior.
Heckler and Koch GmbH
Heckler and Koch Jagd und Sportwaffen GmbH
by H&K lover September 05, 2003

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Fabrique Nationale Herstal P90
A good weapon using good ammunition.
Upon impact the bullet loses all its energy and transfers it to the target.
Because of this there is little or no possibility of over-penetration.
Though it reigns supreme in its category there is a weapon commonly known as the MP7 that is in the same category as the p90 and according to testings, it is superior.
by H&K lover September 05, 2003

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