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A string of noises emitted by retards when attempting to say "Hello".
A Homie: Yo yo yo, whaddup ma nigga.
Me: Shut the fuck up before I shoot you in the head (again).
by Spatter Artist February 20, 2006
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1. To disappear, like vapor.
2. A great band formed in Little Rock, Arkansas. Founders are Amy Lee (singer, piano) and Ben Moody (ex-guitar). Other band members are Rocky Gray (drums), William Boyd (bass), John LeCompt and Terry Balsamo (guitars). As of now, the primary songwriter is Amy Lee. They are simply a rock group, usually falsely mis-labeled as christian rock. This happened because a cover of Tourniquet (song originally done by Rocky's old band) appeared on Fallen. The words "God" and "Christ" are mentioned a few times, but that'a all they're mentioned in the entire album. The album was first put in Christian stores, then taken out soon after. Their best selling album, Fallen, has gone 6X Platinum.

Recently, their live album, Anywhere But Home, caused Wal-Mart to be sued becauseit was being sold in Maryland without a Parental Advisory sticker attached to it. On track five of the album, a cover of the song Thoughtless, originally by Korn, Amy Lee swears 3 times during the course of the song, sticking with the original lyrics. Apparently, swearing in one song on an album warrants a Parental Advisory, and Marlyand Wal-Marts cannot, by law, sell albums containing this.
Evanescence facts:

Rock, not Christian rock
Not a Lacuna Coil rip-off
Greatest band ever
by Spatter Artist February 20, 2006
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1: Used to express stress
2: Used to express embarassment
3: Used just to be cute
4: Bears a strong resemblance to Cartman
My girlfriend makes a >.< whenever she wants to be cute.
by Spatter Artist November 6, 2006
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A command, directed to those who suck, to cease their distateful actions.
Any Gangsta Rapper: bitches niggas and hoes, bitches niggas and hoes, i pop da popo cause im a pimp, fuk da po-lice
Me: Stop sucking.
Any Gangsta rapper: fuck you nigga, ima get ma cousing afta you, he gona poppa cap in yo'...
Me: shoots rapper in head with Five-seveN.
by Spatter Artist February 20, 2006
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One who is straight, but appears to be gay in every way.
Link, from the popular Zelda series, is a metrosexual....just kidding, he's a homo.
by Spatter Artist February 20, 2006
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Since those suffering from Mental Retardation are incapable of fighting, they solve their differences by talking really fast in an attempt to give the opponent a seizure.
Standard rap battle:
1: fizzle shizzle nigga nizzle fo shizzle mizzle kizzle gizzle bitch
2: *falls to ground shaking uncontrollably*
by Spatter Artist February 20, 2006
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A sub-machine gun manufactured by HK, a German firearms manufacturer. This weapon is feared by terrorists world-wide, and for good reasons. The MP5SD has an integrated silencer, capable of quietly dispatching enemies, quickly and efficiently. It uses 9mm Parabellum ammunition, and holds a 30 round standard magazine. It is used by counter-terrorists and special forces world wide, as it is an extrememly effective weapon.

The precursr to the MP10 and MP7 SMGs.
Various variations of the MP5:
by Spatter Artist February 19, 2006
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