You heard of MMA? Mexican Martial Arts? Time to kick some culo
by poquito beaner December 22, 2021
Mixed martial arts. A hybrid of full contact striking and grappling styles (muay thai, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, etc...)

In North America, the most popular promoter of this sport is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). In Japan, it is called Pride FC.
I was channel surfing and I came across some MMA. I love to watch a fight.
by Bullshido_Warrior November 19, 2004
My friend Dave is taking MMA so he can kick the fuck out of the fucker who owns urban dictionary.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 12, 2017
Mixed Martial Arts. A sporting event in which all martial arts styles are welcome to compete.
The Ultimate Fighting Championship is America's premier MMA event.
by Gabe Fauber April 29, 2005
Let's watch the fight. There is going to be some serious MMA!
by Not Funnay January 11, 2011
Acronym for Mixed Martial Arts. For Example, learning Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu (brazilian or not) is a good combination. Muay Thai is good for fighting on your feet, while in Jiu-Jitsu it is perferable to fight on the floor. You can combine as many as you like and adapt them to your personal fighting style.
He prefers to study many martial arts so he can compete in MMA tournament.
by BWA(Beaner Wit Attitude) September 6, 2005
In mathematics 1+1=2, though visually 1+1=11, that is a simple MMA example.
by DelTheComputer January 12, 2023