a.k.a DJ Premier. One of the great Hip-Hop prodcuers of all time. He worked with almost every great east-coast rapper like Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, etc. Also part of the group GangStarr which includes Guru.
by Refugee Vibes August 23, 2006
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A strong and intelligent young man with lots of courage, and isn’t afraid of anything, has a lot of respect, and likes to have lots of fun, and likes to laugh. Fights when he haves to fight, and a very talented young man.
Premiere is very funny.
Premiere can sing.

Premiere always fighting someone.
by world premiere November 27, 2018
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1. Fucking awesome.

2. First in importance, order, or position; leading.
Zac: Hey Elena, should I put this on urbandictionary just in case it becomes a thing?

Elena: Yeah, why not?!

Zac: Premier. I'll go do that.
by Oxknifer August 30, 2014
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Also known to British as your skanky local corner shop mostly ran by muslims
Oi Aabid, Come to the premier with me and the lads
by Mutiii October 20, 2017
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best under 15's basketball team in australia with the all star line up including pimpin beau gamble, mighty raptor james hancock and the a side lewis, vuka, adam, brett and ben
not to forget queeragero the best bench warmer in the world also featuring shaun and jason.
wow they just won by 60 points again

master coach daniel with famous leather jacket sold seperatly
by stooge November 18, 2003
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A girl with large breast very happy all the time and has many friends
Wow what a premiere. She is such a premiere. Damn look at that Premiere!!!
by Beast mode extreame June 25, 2008
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English top flight but definitely not the best league in the world.

They only spend money to buy talents from other leagues, especially the Bundesliga; otherwise the teams would be too garbage.

The top 6s are inconsistent and trash over the years to make the league so competitive

Majority fans are snobby and look down on other leagues.
Premier League is good but definitely not the best.

Person 1"Why is that kid raises he nose and look down on others? Is he from a privileged private school"
Person 2"Nah, he's a premier league supremacist".
by June 05, 2020
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