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These are the small bumps that may exist on the areola of a woman. They usually live on women with large plump areolas . These glands surround the nipple and normally number from 2 to 24 in number. Typically the larger the nipple and areola, the more of these beautiful little nibblers there are on a given breast. They actually look like little nipples. When a woman is cold or aroused they become more prominent! They are named after an 18th century researcercher who researched these puppies whose name is Grover Montgomery.
I told my friend Tom Cruise {yes, the Tom Cruise} that this hoe at my gym that prances around topless has the most amazing Glands of Montgomery. Cruise told me he would rather suck a penis with Glands of Montgomery than do so with a nipple. Adam from Maroon 5 feels the same way. Adam from Maroon 5 is gay.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone September 26, 2017
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David Rickles, a professional MMA fighter.
Caveman Rickles fights for Bellator MMA. Bellator MMA is the 2nd largest MMA league in the world. Rickles is one of Bellator's veteran fighters and a very popular one at that. His popularity comes from his exciting fighting style and caveman schstick.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 19, 2017
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A poll taken to give the Coronavirus Pandemic a name for the history books.
The Covid 19 Name Poll: 1} The Great Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020 2} The Covid 19 Fiasco 3} Trump's "Democratic Hoax" Virus or 4} The Infamous Corona Beer Killer Please choose one of the above names as the official name of the corona virus for the history books of future students. Please mail your pick to Melania Trump @ 935 Pennsylvania AV Washington DC 20535 Mrs. Trump will count the votes and pick the winner on August 18 2020.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone April 7, 2020
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That horrible guy who shot all those folks in Vegas is a Fuckface putrid asswipe
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 12, 2017
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Amanda Bobby Cooper "ABC" is a hot lil blonde fighter chick in the UFC.
Amanda Robert Cooper can kick the foock out of most men!
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone December 7, 2017
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A mark or stain left on clothing or bed sheets after sex.
I noticed that Miley Cyrus had a large cum blemish on her dress last night when i watched The Voice on TV.
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone October 11, 2017
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A penile erecttion that will not deflate due to an unwanted reaction to taking viagra.
I had infinite wood on Thursday. I took some viagra so I could have sex with Desi Williams from Survivor. She is so hot i wanted to be able to have sex for more than 39 minutes, my usual standard. My erectile would not deflate or cum so I dragged my embarrased self to urgent care. Once there a nurse with huge tits hopped on my erect penis with her tight vagina and fucked me so hard with her tight pussy that I finally came. Thank you nurse Cheri!!!!!!!!!
by Donald Cowboy Cerrone November 9, 2017
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