that little bar you see next to a definition in the U.D.
"hey Jason have you seen the activity for this word?"
"Shut the hell up Jason"
by Jason ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) March 3, 2019
The act of being "active" to ones account. Twitter is a platform on greatness and, with being ran by the proletariat, tweets belong to the twitter actives that tweet them. It is a beautiful concept, and it grows daily, as a non - religious, skeptical theme, and theory. It is the very core of social media, and the heart of Twitter.
Yo my dude, active for active?
Notifs for Notifs?
Let's show some great activity!
by ITISLOSTBOII August 3, 2017
Oil or grease that black people use in their hair to get a nice shine.
Damn, you have enough activator in yo hair??? I saw you drippin' from the driveway!!!!
by Gallegos99 December 11, 2006
Taken, do not hit me up, don’t bother
Oh he’s not active anymore.”
by Rowdyraudry December 20, 2017
Currently banging in the set, not MIA
"Yo homie I haven't been active for awhile"...." "well fool I haven't left the streets for one day in the last three years"
by BigPimppin6906 November 16, 2017
originated in pasadena by niggaz who like replacing cool or tight with active
Damn nigga this party is active!!!
by YunG Fr3$h November 8, 2007
Things you can do when you make bunk beds, such as aerobics, step class, and army man.

Can result in making your head spin.
Dragon: Look at all this extra floor space!

Night-hawk: So- SO many activities!
by Dr. Doback July 28, 2010