Word following "Yes" or "No" when speaking to your mother, especially if you were raised in the Southern United States.
Yes, mam. I finished my homework.

No, mam. I would never speed in your car.
by enjoybeing April 27, 2004
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Massive Allergy Moth. Acronym that describes moths native to the Evergreen, San Jose area. First coined in Evergreen Valley High School. Usually found in dimly lit areas and are very attracted to dust. Also known as "dusty butt". Also used to describe a person's spastic behavior.
"That MAM over there is flying towards us."

"That guy is jumping like a crazy MAM"
by Mamsale January 24, 2008
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salesclerk-speak for "bitch"
Can I ring that up for you mam?
by freek September 10, 2003
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to rambuctiously, relentlessly, and caringly make love with a babe's(girl's) mouth. a combination of mouth and ram.
by tom atchley September 13, 2008
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abbreviation for Mini Annoying Moments.
a term to describe life's mild frustrating moments that you have no control or can not avoid or no one can be blamed to a point that there is no where to vent the frustration. Yet the issue is not major enough to launch a complain or upset enough to do anything about it. However the fact that you can't vent your frustration due to the nature that its a minor event makes you all the more frustrated.
"I hate all theses MAMs I have today, first a bus splashed me over a puddle of water and then I ended up being in the same group of FOBs for my group assignment."
by dcfefs April 06, 2015
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noun: a breast, most commonly the female breast and used mostly in the plural form; from the root word mamma
Nah I missed her face, I just saw that she had great mams.
by B.O. August 11, 2004
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