A virus that causes people to buy way to much toilet paper, and makes kids go through the hell that is online school.
Person 1: YOOOOOOO Walmart is out of toilet paper because of the coronavirus
Person 2: Yeah all of the Karens took it, but I am madder that we have to do online school.
by Perpendicular Bisector April 2, 2020
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what half of the definitions are that are under review as of march 2020
coronavirus is bad
by Pure Ultimate March 20, 2020
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the reason why you don't see toilet paper at your local walmart anymore
by lwily June 9, 2020
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The virus that ruined every single party on earth in 2020, especially the roaring 20s party.
Lucky coronavirus will be somewhat over in 2021 and we can all enjoy our lives afterwards
by the_fruitarian April 10, 2021
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america’s torture chamber to make us stay inside with our hella annoying family. and gives people the excuse to buy 200 rolls of toilet paper at once.
i hope this coronavirus crap is almost over... i need to get out of the house
by omw.to.your.dads.house April 11, 2020
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stay safe kids. wash yah hands. brush yah teeth. carry hand sanitizer w/ you wherever you go. practice good hygiene. shower everyday. dont be making out w/ y’all’s significant others.
eg; “oml, he’s got the coronavirus! stay away. he needs to be quarantined!”

“are you serious?!? he needs to see someone!”
by missboujee💦🤤💸 March 5, 2020
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