The act of laying you breasts on random items in support of breast cancer awareness
It's breast cancer awareness month and I saw a woman mamming fruit at the grocery store
by PixelKinks October 18, 2013
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Up north (UK) speak for Mum, or Mom as an American person would say.
Hey, Mam, can I have £10,000 to buy a bazuka?
by Hazza July 14, 2003
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Irish word for mother. Used in the east and midlands from about Waterford to Louth, in the countryside. Also ma or mammy.
"Yer wan's mam is quare fine!"
"Where's ma?"
"Ey mammy, will you buy me a Wispa?"
by Sure I'm Dat Lad June 23, 2012
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n. slang term for a woman's breasts. This has been derived from the term "mammary" which is a gland in the mamalian breast that secretes the hormone prolactin as well as breast milk. The mammaries become especially active during menses and pregnancy as well as while taking atypical antipsychotic medications (Risperdal, Clozaril, Zyprexa, Seroquel) causing what is known as Risperdal Tits.
Wanda's mams make perfect airbags when I collapse on her chest after orgasm.
by Bill Brasky February 2, 2005
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Dublin, Ireland slang for mother.
Mam, will ya make me a cupa tea?
by LaylaShell January 28, 2010
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Word following "Yes" or "No" when speaking to your mother, especially if you were raised in the Southern United States.
Yes, mam. I finished my homework.

No, mam. I would never speed in your car.
by enjoybeing April 27, 2004
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