15 definitions by Bill Brasky

a bitch who makes fun of and belittles others in order to feel better about herself, a shallow bitter hag who is completely full of herself yet extremely jealous of other women who have better looks or get more attention than she does, the biggest threadshitter in all the universe
that cheeky baby bitch always tries to run off the hotties whenever they come around
by Bill Brasky February 23, 2005
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A woman with an usually big ass that does crew. Hence, a crewba. Variation of WUBA (Woman with Unussual Big Ass).
Holy shit man, look at that crewba attack the food.
by Bill Brasky January 22, 2005
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n. an absorbant piece of cloth, usually a towel or rag, that one has designated as the reciever for their semen at the climax of masturbation, only to be washed on a weekly basis
I got tired of going through a box of tissues a week so now i just use a beach towel for a jerk rag.
by Bill Brasky August 11, 2005
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n. A woman of Jewish faith and/or descent who displays at least two of the following criteria:
a) viciousness
b) greed
c) arrogance
d) vanity
e) social-dominance
f) inability to do minor tasks (i.e. cooking, cleaning, laundry)
g) fragility
h) dishonesty
Did you hear about Herschel? The poor heeb has downed his fifth bottle of Manischewitz because of that wershtuptd Jewish Princess he just married. Oy gevald!
by Bill Brasky October 4, 2004
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A guitar amplifier stack that has been used quite extensively in rock music for a span of over 40 years. Although marshall stacks have been recently replaced by Mesa Boogie dual and triple rectifier stacks, Marshall stacks are still seen quite frequently in the rock scene and have definitely held up through the test of time.
The volume on our amps go up to 11. So they're louder.

Why didn't you just make 10 louder?

because... because these go to eleven...
by Bill Brasky February 6, 2005
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Wow, Karl Malone is so cool since he wears torn jerseys. (sarcastic)
by Bill Brasky June 11, 2004
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