Casual slang term when addressing females. Not to be confused with ma'am. Only to be used by a female, in case of sexual harassment.
Your clothes rock, mam.
by NotARapist April 24, 2005
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Largest pp, at a terrifying 1.3 INCH measurement, not only does she have the largest pp, but she holds the world record, also everyone else is pathetic in pp size compared to her
Bob: Oh, you know mam?! Yeah heard she has a bigger pp than cripple and dumbo combined!
Dumbo: yeah, it’s horrifying
by mamthegreat February 17, 2019
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I cant really write anything about this one because mine died before I was 1 soooooo.... enjoy your mam if yours is still there and tell her you love her because I would do anything to have someone to call mam . Count yourself lucky that you have a person that loves you and always will even tho sometimes you feel like they dont when u do something bad.
A person :Hey mam

The persons mam:hey
by Theresnopointreadingmyname January 14, 2021
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A wonderful women with a big heart that would do anything to please her friends and would try to keep her loved one close
"Jack please don't leave me " I'm sorry mam I have to we can be together " goodbye mam"
by Julian Rojas j. May 21, 2017
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This world is used when you wanna annoy you mum or mom. MAMMMMMMM.... CoUld also used as a chicken nugget
"MAMMMMMM where are ya?"
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