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A dead-end town with scarce shopping areas or anything remotely fun and the guys are either creepy, weird guys and thugs. In addition, Jerry Falwell owns most of the town and is completely ignorant and needs to stop ripping of Christians.
Friend (who lives out-of-state): Yeah, our university party was awesome last night. What did you do last night?

Girl (lives in lynchburg): Went to Food Lion and got hit on by 2 freaks and a liberty student who talked about not being able to watch rated-R movies.
by Mary January 17, 2005
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A dead end, broken down, landlocked, miserable city located in the mountains of Central Virginia. It's a pit that will steal your soul. Everyone there is possessed by the devil whether they know it or not. There's one way in and one way out. Once you cross the route 29 bridge over the James River Lucifer takes your soul. Some say the river represents River Styx (The river in the bible that leads you into hell)
"I'm headed down to Lynchburg for the weekend"

"Damn dawg have fun in the underworld"
by snake187 July 25, 2008
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A disgusting, boring, shithole of a town that Satan raised out of the depths of the River Styx and placed in Central Virginia. This was done in order to use as an alternative punishment for non-Lynchburg resident college students when they committed a grievous sin. The town obviously shows its Satanic influence as its residents are brainwashed into thinking it's a great place to live in, while college students know better and see it for what it is.

The town however, does provide some great lulz to any non-resident when it and its citizens try to pass it off as an "up and coming city". This, of course, is a bunch bullshit, when any decent city has at least more than one art store (yes, Lynchburg has only one art store) and has some clubs (which they don't), high quality shopping isn't just limited to a small mall, Walmart, and Target, its greatest achievement isn't Liberty University and its highlights aren't large amount of churches and fast-food restaurants.
Lynchburg: Proof that Hell doesn't reside beneath the earth.

See also: hillbilly-town shithole bullshit punishment waste lynchburg
by Need to escape October 04, 2009
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lynchburg is a nice town with a large population of university students with morals ( shocker) and koreans, mostly from liberty university. there are some parts that are pretty getto though
laura: hey lets go to lynchburg kim!

kim: sure!
by randomitity January 17, 2013
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