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A dead-end town with scarce shopping areas or anything remotely fun and the guys are either creepy, weird guys and thugs. In addition, Jerry Falwell owns most of the town and is completely ignorant and needs to stop ripping of Christians.
Friend (who lives out-of-state): Yeah, our university party was awesome last night. What did you do last night?

Girl (lives in lynchburg): Went to Food Lion and got hit on by 2 freaks and a liberty student who talked about not being able to watch rated-R movies.
by Mary January 17, 2005
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originally a mispelling of 'meow' on the internet... then came to be random word used when you have nothing else to say...
"See..I have this friend...he died yesterday..."

by Mary February 22, 2004
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M as in Mary
G as in Girl
O as in Open
S as in Sexy
I as in Intelligent
E as in Excellent
that MGOSIE girl is super fun!
by Mary December 14, 2004
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One who talks in excess and doesn't know when she's not welcome.
Stop being such a mariya you dork.
by Mary March 10, 2003
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Mary is super mysterious. she often dose not tell people what she is thinking about. She has a kind heart but is surrounded by a hard shell. She will always be there for you no matter what, but sometimes isn't there for herself. She can rip a bong and could beat any guy in a beer chugging contest. her dark ways makes her sexy and creative. She is not smartest in school, and often struggles, but her creativity makes up for her lack of intelligence and motivation.
Who is that girl wearing a Nirvana tee?
Oh that's just Mary!
by Mary May 21, 2014
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noun: A slang term often translating to "monkey" or "bitch." Marysols often bite people out of love or boredom (or reasons unknown).
The girl is a Marysol.

That Marysol stole my cracker.
by Mary May 11, 2004
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