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when a man's monstrous bulging member is covered in chunky pieces of blood and discharge from a woman's period, which then hardens and gives flavor to the felatio that the woman then gives as a thank you for having had sex on her period.
ryan: yo.. woman. lets make bloody mary's tonight.

emily: do we have celery salt left in the cupboard?

ryan: no bitch ass. not that kind. ur an idiot.i want to fuck your bloody pussy and then have you lick it off.

emily: YEA! i love doing that.
by Mary June 18, 2006
An alternative for those of us too classy to use the word "Fucking"
by Mary November 24, 2003
The Society for Creative Anachronisms. A worldwide Medieval and Renaissance re-enacting organisation based on researching and playing cultures from between 600AD and 1600AD.

See also 'Cloakfest'
1. Jane says,"I am a Baroness in the SCA."

2. To live in the SCA kingdom of the Outlands.
by Mary February 3, 2004
Getting banged out: a car dealer term: getting taken for a ride..taking money from a customer...
Bobby just got banged out at the dealer and had to pay extra..
by Mary April 6, 2005
1:Name given to someone whos name you dont know or dont need to know.
2:Used for friends.
1:Random passer by-"Hello"
You-"wassup regi?"
Big issue guy-"you want a big issue?"
you-"Na thanx regi!"
2:friend-"hey man howsit hangin?"
you-"yo regi, yeah cruisin, you?!"
by Mary June 15, 2004
yoga- code name for haveing sex with someone
hey mom im going over to johns to do some yaga.
by Mary August 4, 2004