promising and energetic (said of a person)
Another up and coming candidate has put himself into a corner.
by The Return of Light Joker July 17, 2008
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Something people say when they are trying to force hype upon something they want to get popular.. is probably shit.
Yo check out my up and coming boyband!! It's the shit!!
by OverPoweredCat November 18, 2016
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The act of becoming sexually aroused up-in one's partner.
John was up-in-coming in Sally.
by Jecabema November 10, 2007
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It means exactly what it seems. A simple and common proverbial phrase, arguing what goes up must come down.

The example below is an except from 'Human Traffic' (1998), an independent British film said by character Jib.
What goes up must come down, and down, and down. Everyone looks ill at the end of the night. All have lost the power of speech, desperately avoiding eye contact. Your new soulmate, that you have been talking cod shit to for the past five hours about the story of creation or the fourth Star Wars film, is now a complete stranger.
by ArousedPopeye January 13, 2015
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one who is so jumped-up they will ne'er (never) come down, they shovel shite and they are no less than a twat.
Toff- "Oh, i see your driving a ford... I have a porsche!"
Dave- "Shut the fuck up, you jumped-up ne'er come-down shite-shovelin-twat"
by Danarky May 14, 2003
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To work yourself into the proximity of your desired subject with the sole purpose of shamelessly hitting on them. Said subject is usually aware of your stalking and may be seen rolling her eyes and muttering, Lord, he is creeping up on the come up AGAIN!'
Ok, ladies, stick together. Keep an eye out for nerdlingers trying to creep up on the come up!

When they first met, he thought she was just creeping up on the come up but as it turned out she wasn't skeevy like that at all.
by Jachobim November 27, 2006
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