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A little town nustled at the base of mountains. Known mainly for Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, and being part of the Civil War. There is nothing for the typical teenager/college student to do on the weekend cept maybe the dollar movies or bowling. Therefore, most go "cruising" down Wards(yes, even with gas at $3 a gallon). There are a few bars, but maybe 1 or 2 dance 'clubs' but they are overtaken by middle aged single women who've had plastic surgery and think they can still shake it *shudders*
Billy: whatchu doin?
Karen: Nothin...you?
Billy: gonna go to Lynchburg, va maybe to a movie....wanna come?
Karen: no....thats all we've done, lets find something else
Billy: there IS nothin else to do woman!

by Kelleigh April 23, 2006
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