It means............what do you? what have you? or , what are you???
Mother : whatchu doing?
Son : talking to my friend
mother : whatchu mean talking to yo friend ? it's the party time
son : okaaay mom ; im gonna end the call
by rooblen ocean August 9, 2013
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usually used to ask what gang or group someone is affiliated with
person 1: yo whatchu bang
person 2: blood all day
person 1: that sure is nifty! See ya later you silly fella!
by pinkish_panther October 14, 2022
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What are you about?”

“What’s your agenda?”

“What are you looking for / to do?”

“Where are you coming from?”

Also: whatchu about, watchu about, what’chu about, wat’chu about, whatcha about, watcha ‘bout, whatchu ‘bout, watchu ‘bout, what’chu ‘bout, wat’chu ‘bout, whatcha ‘bout, what you’re about?
Person A: I know whatchu about … you wanna get into my pants.

Person B: That’s not at all what I’m ‘bout, I just wanna get to know you.
by ima90sbb February 20, 2009
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a question meaning what are you doing or an alternative to wat up? used in a variety of ways as in a form of greeting, and the beginning of totally unrelated questions.
Yo guy whatchu sayin tonight gettin crunk, or working for The Man
by SambucaT May 2, 2006
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Mitcho: Hey, Noah, whatchu wearin'?
Noah: Not much.
Mitcho: Really?
Noah: Yes, really.
by Mitcho December 24, 2003
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