City in Texas, home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Known for it's incredible lack of trees, water and hills, as well as it's insane mass of dust, wind, and trucks.
Lubbock is a great place to live, but you wouldn't want to visit...
In Lubbock, you could watch your dog run away for three days...
by guided fox May 3, 2004
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Lubbock is a city in northwest Texas. It is also known as the rectum of Texas.

Lubbock is located in the literal middle of nowhere. Lubbock only exists because of Texas Tech University, which is more well known that the actual city it is located in.

The only things to do in Lubbock are drink, go to church, and to to Texas Tech football games during college football season. This is largely due to the fact that there is nothing around Lubbock for at least 5 hours in any direction you travel. Dallas and Albuquerque are the largest major cities located closest to Lubbock; Albuquerque is 5 1/2 hours west of Lubbock, and Dallas is 5 hours east of it.
Person 1: I lived in Lubbock for a few years.

Person 2: Sorry to hear that.
by James R Clobum August 1, 2018
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To correct TexasIsShitty up there, Lubbock is not near Texas Tech. Texas Tech is in Lubbock. Lubbock is more so on the religious side (HELLO! It's in the BIBLE BELT!) and the only Democrats who live in Lubbock are not from Lubbock. In fact, they only recently moved there. It's all Republicans. And people from Lubbock only like TTU football when Mike Leach is the coach, not Tupperwear or Tuberville or whatever his name is. Lubbock is not the only town that is proud of their college. Any town with a Big 12 college is proud of it.
by longrunnnnner April 6, 2011
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Awful, horrible city. Located near Texas Tech, which is a good school in its own right. Don't be fooled, however, because Lubbockites are VERY proud of Texas Tech and will shove it in your face. Constantly. Not a good place if you like trees, aren't that religious, are a Democrat, or generally like people even if they don't believe what you believe. The school system is okay, but the students are ignorant and value stupidity. They care for no one but themselves, and the entire city is apathetic to all problems as long as it doesn't affect it. Just don't live here.
Lubbock is a shit town and I don't know why you would like it.

Girl 1: I hate Lubbock.
Girl 2: Shut the fuck up, Lubbock is great. It's a party town. It has Tech. Go FOOTBALL! And you know what? Texas is the greatest. We should all backstab each other.
by TexasIsShitty December 2, 2009
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The act of fisting somebody to death in a swimming pool.

Named after Stuart Lubbock received severe anal injuries and died in the swimming pool at British celebrity-wrong-cock, Michael Barrymore's, homo sex and drugs pool-party.
If I catch you with your nose in my gak again, Bernie, I'll give you a right Lubbocking.
by headsintatters February 9, 2010
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This is the unpleasant term, first used by 'Loaded' a U.K. 'lads' magazine to describe death by fisting. Its roots lie in the case of a young man Stuart Lubbock who was fisted to death at a poolside drugs and sex party hosted by the U.K. television celebrity michael barrymore.

It is at this drugs and sex, poolside party, that michael barrymore and his perverted chums took the naieve stuart lubbock into a private bedroom, and fisted him to death. The medical pathologist recorded 'serious anal and rectal injuries'. Yet michael barrymore was aquitted and 'death by misadventure' was recorded.
It is particularly awful way to die: being kidnapped by gay men and 'lubbocked' to death.
by clinton sounds April 19, 2005
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Where you can contract syphilis by taking too deep of an inhale.
Don't go to Lubbock, Texas. You'll pick up a Raider Rash or maybe one of the other thriving STD's at the community college known as Texas Tech.
by crzihifi October 15, 2007
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