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This is the unpleasant term, first used by 'Loaded' a U.K. 'lads' magazine to describe death by fisting. Its roots lie in the case of a young man Stuart Lubbock who was fisted to death at a poolside drugs and sex party hosted by the U.K. television celebrity michael barrymore.

It is at this drugs and sex, poolside party, that michael barrymore and his perverted chums took the naieve stuart lubbock into a private bedroom, and fisted him to death. The medical pathologist recorded 'serious anal and rectal injuries'. Yet michael barrymore was aquitted and 'death by misadventure' was recorded.
It is particularly awful way to die: being kidnapped by gay men and 'lubbocked' to death.
by clinton sounds April 19, 2005
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To party a little too hard, and get fished out a swimming pool. Dead, and leaking semen from the anus.
"You hear about Michael's pool party? Everyone was absolutely Lubbocked
by Stegner June 08, 2017
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