The only type of school that I could afford thanks to a tanking economy.

Funny enough, it also makes everything you did in high school irrelevant.
I was accepted to the University of Illinois-UIUC. But after crappy financial aid and being unable and unwilling to get many loans, I ended up having to go to the local community college instead.
by drbirdly June 5, 2009
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An institution which makes it easy to transfer into universities like Cal and UCLA--at least in California--and lets you to save money on classes. Contrary to some of the other comments left on here, the instructors are often times people who have taught and still teach at neighboring universities. I've had a physics professor who held a PhD from UCSD and had taught there.

Anybody with common sense will tell you it's a good deal--partly because the classes are easy and other universities accept its credit--which is why plenty of non-community college students take advantage of it, especially during the summer.

It has its share of dumbasses, but there are plenty of people who are just trying to get back on the right track. The classes also aren't as rigorous, but if you're a motivated learner, I don't see what could possibly be stopping you from knowing what's normally taught in the university level classes (we have this tool called the internet) especially for these lower division subjects.

I suspect that the people doing the most amount of shit talking on this page are the sorts who "have graduated from the least prestigious University's sic in the states." Either way, it's fucking petty.
I went to community college and I'm not an idiot. In fact, I was that student who set the curve on all of your "university level" exams.
by Alex4791 August 29, 2010
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A place where you prolong your eventual dropping out of college.
Dude, community college is so boring.
by mysr October 19, 2006
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A place where nobody goes on Friday.
I failed all my classes that were supposed to transfer because I never showed up to the local community college on Friday.
by NewClear October 27, 2013
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A place where a person would go to when all hope has failed for them in their life only to find out that they will eventually end up at a dead end job with nothing more than an associate's degree.
Chandler: I lost my job, my home, my car, my money, I guess I best be off to community college.
Monica: O don't worry baby. It will get better.
Chandler: Really?
Monica: No, not really. Do you want me to be supportive or truthful?
by bullsmania April 20, 2009
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A place where students actually pay for their education unlike University Students who's parents spend $45,000 a year so they can major in basket weaving. Community colleges are for people who are really career orientated unlike University students who can party all night every week, not study, and pay the professors off to give them a C average. Even though community colleges might lack some social atmosphere, some have plenty of clubs for students interests who can join to meet new people and develop friendships which an alternative to the traditional University fraternity/sorority where people become warped and mind controlled by a sick diabolical satanic frat leaders with no empathy for humanity and who have been groomed to be elitists. 1.5 million students attend community college around the country. Their are many career choices at CC to choose from and you spend a lot less money. Some CC's are even better than some Universities in terms of class size, cost, educational environment, and professors. CC's tend to be even more culturally diverse than Universities because certain Universities only accept rich white kids (waspy) because their families have certain connections and descend from medieval royalty.
"He graduated from community college with an associate degree in Landscaping & Horticulture. He started his own landscaping business and is living well off."

"He graduated from a prestigious University with a engineering degree but can't find a job because all the engineering jobs have been outsourced to China and India. Now he's washing dishes at TGI Friday's trying to make ends meet. The economy sucks."
by IspeakLatin August 11, 2009
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a school which fools non college material high school kids into thinking they are college material, just to get their tuition money.
Delaware county community college(Media, PA) suckered me into taking 4 years worth of classes for a worthless 2 year degree.
by Big D May 3, 2004
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