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The only type of school that I could afford thanks to a tanking economy.

Funny enough, it also makes everything you did in high school irrelevant.
I was accepted to the University of Illinois-UIUC. But after crappy financial aid and being unable and unwilling to get many loans, I ended up having to go to the local community college instead.
by drbirdly June 04, 2009
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Positive: The best move financially when getting a college degree. You can transfer somewhere else after your two years of CC and not be in nearly as much debt as some others.

Negative: An academic black hole. Regardless of how smart you are, or how much time you have, this school will suck in all but the very well disciplined. The environment is full of people ages 17-50 who fully intend to graduate but never actually do. This is referred to as BHA (also known as black hole aura). Even people who had good grades in high school who attend CC are likely to be sucked in and see a sudden drop in their GPA. The ease of the classes will also fool some into thinking college (and thus University) will be easy as well.

Warning: If you aren't VERY disciplined AND focused, don't go here. End of story.
Community College, CC
by John Smith 5 March 29, 2010
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A type of college you pay for by course units over the traditional semester-set fees in universities.
A term which people on Urban Dictionary rant the shit out of, because they thought they could graduate with an associate's degree and be set for life, or take any courses they want and expect to transfer to a top-prestigious school. Sorry, but that's not how it works.

It's nobody's fault but your own if you weren't aware of what credits would transfer or not. You're supposed to plan this before you enroll in your classes. If you plan on transferring to state college, ideally within the same state, you're not going to have issues with your credits. However, taking intermediate algebra over college algebra isn't going to fly with most universities. If you feel your college or guidance office failed you, why don't you rant on about that particular school, so that people can spend their money elsewhere?

Trying to convince people on Urban Dictionary to avoid comm. college, or mostly trying to belittle people who do go because of YOUR misfortune is just petty. When you're in tough economic times, and financial aid doesn't give a pot to piss in, people don't have much of a choice these days. Community college can offer great benefits for some people, including affordable tuition & high flexibility, while being able to take your standard freshman/sophomore courses.

A lot of people transfer from college to university, and a lot do not. Nobody is to blame in life but yourself.
Urban Dictionary user: LOL community college is for losers yo
*goes back to playing xbox*

Me: Is it really? I'm sorry to hear that.
by ilikemuffins7 June 26, 2010
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An institution which makes it easy to transfer into universities like Cal and UCLA--at least in California--and lets you to save money on classes. Contrary to some of the other comments left on here, the instructors are often times people who have taught and still teach at neighboring universities. I've had a physics professor who held a PhD from UCSD and had taught there.

Anybody with common sense will tell you it's a good deal--partly because the classes are easy and other universities accept its credit--which is why plenty of non-community college students take advantage of it, especially during the summer.

It has its share of dumbasses, but there are plenty of people who are just trying to get back on the right track. The classes also aren't as rigorous, but if you're a motivated learner, I don't see what could possibly be stopping you from knowing what's normally taught in the university level classes (we have this tool called the internet) especially for these lower division subjects.

I suspect that the people doing the most amount of shit talking on this page are the sorts who "have graduated from the least prestigious University's sic in the states." Either way, it's fucking petty.
I went to community college and I'm not an idiot. In fact, I was that student who set the curve on all of your "university level" exams.
by Alex4791 August 28, 2010
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A place where you prolong your eventual dropping out of college.
Dude, community college is so boring.
by mysr October 18, 2006
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