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Texas Tech University is located in Lubbock, TX. Some will say their rival is the University of Texas or Texas A&M. However, their true rival is Oklahoma State University. It's just fun to beat UT, and you can't call Texas A&M a rival if they never win. School colors are black and scarlet red. School mascot is the Red Raider; a masked Zoro type character that rides a black stallion. Texas Tech has many programs of study, undergraduates and professional students. The Texas Tech Red Raiders are members of the Big 12 Conference (South Division) and compete in Division I for all varsity sports. The Red Raiders football team has made 32 bowl appearances, which is 19th most of any university. It's current enrollment is just over 28,000 students. McDougal Development has headed a massive urban renewal program in Lubbock (largest in the country) building new living quarters, apartments, condos etc for the students of Texas Tech University not living in dormitories over a 727 acre span.

A wide variety of students can be found at Texas Tech. Currently the Hispanic enrollment at Texas Tech is #1 at 43%. Caucasian/white is at 40% being second.

There is nothing 3rd rate about this school except where it is located. Lubbock, TX isn't the greatest place if your moving say from any Liberal based larger city. Lubbock, TX is highly conservative and has more churches and banks per population than Vatican City ( im just saying that but i think its 2nd -or in the top 5- in the country ). The county in which Lubbock resides is a dry county, so no liquor sales inside the city limits. This however may change in spring of 2009, being petitioned by the majority of the population. Enough signatures were obtained to warrant a vote.

Enrollment at Texas Tech is growing steadily. Within the passed 8 years it has broken its highest enrollment records twice. However, state funding for Texas Tech is lower than most other states. This is not a Texas Tech factor, but rather a State of Texas factor being that all state funded schools in Texas do no receive adequate funding compared to many other States in the USA.
Texas Tech University is the seventh (7) largest University in Texas.

Texas Tech University is huge in physical size, being second in the nation.

You can never find a parking spot at Texas Tech University.
by 600F3 May 08, 2009
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One of the premier schools in Texas, and part of the Big 12. Well-known for its academics and athletics team. Texas Tech is located outside of Lubbock, Texas, farther north then the other major Texas universities. Also well known for attempting to join the Texas A&M-UT rivalry and claiming dominance in sports, athletics and general attractiveness of the student population, while truly possessing second-rate academics and an extremely glorified football team. While still a good school, Tech is mostly populated by students who failed to get into A&M or UT and still seek to attend a Texas school.
University of Texas Graduate: I managed to get 5 job offers from major companies!

Texas A&M Graduate: Same here!
Texas Tech University Graduate: Not me, I didn't get any because everyone knows my degree is bullshit
by TheBigF89 October 15, 2010
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