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Loveland, Colorado, is a city just south of Fort Collins by about fifteen minutes, west of Greeley by twenty, North of Denver by forty five, and East of Estes by an hour.

It's a quiet town with a relatively low crime rate and a population of roughly 67,000, the population being a majority of white folks, the rest being Hispanics and the occasional color added by the very rare African American.

The high schools are as follows:

Loveland High: The snooty, self-centered rich kids with a rocking football team.

Mountain View High: The school for the drug-addled otakus, but with a seriously rocking Academic record.

Thompson Valley High: Pot-smoking white kids who wish they were black and can't play football, but with the best arts program in town.

Harold Ferguson High: This is where the rejects, druggies, morons, losers, pregnant teenagers, failures and other detritus of school congregate. Not much to say here.

The town has a good education system set up, the roads are nice and fairly well kept, the traffic decent, the people generally friendly. Also, many people send their Valentine's their for remailing, and it is the only city with a major metropolitan high way going through the middle of a cemetery.

There is a nice library and Rec. Center, and a rich downtown with lots of history. A place you'd stay to raise kids, but you move out of if you are older than 18.

By Contrast, there is a Loveland Ski resort with fabulous skiing and friendly workers.
Tom: I was thinking about sending out my Valentine.

Dick: Send it to Loveland first, they have these neat stamps they put on them before mailing them to your Valentine.

Harry: I want to go skiing.

Dick: Er...that was random. But you could go to the Loveland Ski resort.

Tom: What are you, a frickin' Brittanica of local knowledge?
by Nekko_Fox August 18, 2011
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not just a fucking ski resort you douchebags; it's also a city and it's located about 15 min. south of Fort Collins; it's the town people send their Valentine's Day cards for remailing (what's that, you ask? google it)
Where are you from?
Oh, the ski resort!
No, doucebag. Loveland, the Sweetheart City. Look it up.
by astro_man23 April 23, 2011
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To loveland, is to force an incredibly awkward situation on a girl. This can refer to unwanted sexual innuendo or unrestrained physicality. It can also refer to turning a friendly meeting into a romantic date.
He offered to give her a ride back to her house and then pulled a loveland by taking her to have dinner in Venice.
by LMU Kid May 01, 2010
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being in a happy and connected emotional state with your lover
"I'm tired of fighting, honey. I want to be back in loveland with you."

"I remember when we were in loveland all the time. Those were the days..."

"Can we stop talking about this and have sex? I'd rather be in loveland with you again."
by California Dreamin' February 24, 2010
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A ski area approx 60 miles west of Denver, CO located along I-70 at the continental divide. Loveland is known for being un-crowded (thus slower to be tracked out on powder days) and large amounts of terrain above the tree line.
The last snow was a couple days ago but I'm sure conditions are still good at Loveland.
by exgaysurvivordan June 08, 2010
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