A beautiful and sassy girl with a great sense of humor and is AMAZING at sport although she wont admit it. Shes a wonderful girl and men are drawn to her. She is loved by all the men because she is so hot and she has no idea she is gorgeous ahe is also incredibly smart
Omgosh its Venice shes the most popular girl in school!
by The wise dingo August 12, 2018
Venice is someone who loves her friends and loves art. She loves to organize her things and shop at Daiso.
Danm look at Venice.
by its_v March 20, 2019
Part of the Adriatic Sea, but rumored as a city in Italy. The movie "Atlantis" was based on this place.
Northern Italians: "We want a beach closer to us!"

Global Warming: "No problem!" *submerges Venice*
by Mixed Dude December 30, 2020
a girl who deserves all the love in the world, and she hot asf too
damn, i need a Venice
by oceaniathecreator September 10, 2018
She's a very beautiful mature and loving girl. Her first instinct is to defend her blood. She can be very vicious when it comes to protecting her loved ones. She is loved by her family and friends, and she will always be there for you.
Venice will protect you at all costs.
Venice will never abandon her blood.
by Bloody8 June 8, 2021
He/she is smart,bold and kind they have lovely hair.they are very humble a bit different. They either have mommy issues or are a mommy's boy. They love there family great with kids and always try hard in life. he/she is perfect as a friend or partner to keep you company laugh with or just talk about your problems.
I'm going to chill with Venice
by Thispagewasmadeforme October 17, 2020
A chicksta that is so cool that even the polar bear couldnt take it. also, she was probably conceived there.
Venice: yea i know......
by makesnoises December 8, 2009