Also known as L-town, or Long-town, it is quite possibly the shit of the Front Range. The name comes from the notion that the men here are well-endowed.

"Long" - self-explanitory
"Mont" or "Mount" - Meaning phallic or penis

Thereby saying that those in Longmont are well endowed
Girl 1: I just hooked up with this guy from Longmont
Girl 2: How was it?
Girl 1: Dude, he was huge!!
by CX June 07, 2006
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A city on the front range in colorado that is more commonly known as "God's Country."
I think when I die I would rather go to Longmont than to heaven.
by bdc November 09, 2005
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Longmont or Long-town is full of crazy shit. People that do drugs and have problems. But you can find you person that just keeps you going back to that shit hole of a town.
Kid: Mom when I was in Longmont this guy asked me for drugs.

Mom : Oh my you wont go back there ever again.

Kid: But mom I met the most amazing beautiful girl there.
by BASQUE PRESIDENT February 24, 2019
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The wonderful destination high school in Longmont, Colorado. How middle class can you get? Football team? Pretty good. Basketball? Really good. Juul gang? Of course (located across the street at Loomiller Park). Stoners? Also at the park. Drama program? Nonexistant. Emos? They are also at the park. Lunch? Not at the high school.

What's not to love? Everything.
Friend #1: I go to Longmont High School.
Friend #2: You milk-toast-beach-wood-vanilla-ice cream-cone-no-sprinkle ass bitch!
Friend #1: I know...
by feel_da_bernie June 06, 2019
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Any girl that drives a ford ,dodge ,Chevy and hangs out with fuck boys that drive them, usually known as "tachuaches" , and pretend they are cool. But still can't find a man, but says "NAS" because she can't find love. And swears she's all about that charro life .
i ain't no Longmont truck slut

I drive a ram
by Mecocheatumama December 14, 2017
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