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A Brittish girl with one of those annoying accents. She has had one boob removed. Just one. Weird right? If you see the Brittanica, run the other way..but would you be able to outrun her Native American blow gun? (pervs) Let's just hope you never find out, as if you do, we will never find out and know the truth about this grotesque beast. Oh that Brittanica, she used to be good back in the day. However, the one boob removal made her bitter. Oh, if she says she hates you, don't worry about it; it means nothing coming from a one boobed freak.
Julie: have you heard about that grotesque monster they call brittanica?
Brittany: Yeah, weird right? She only has one boob. How does she wear a bra?
by jaydawg3000 May 01, 2009
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