I am the number one source of the drama. My barbaric, emotionally abusive behavior induces shock, grief, and sometimes we’ll-justified anger in others. Yet if you hint of any static or healthy expressions of anger, I will label you as “crazy” and you’ll be ghosted immediately, and I will never acknowledge your reality.
Dating profile: “I’m COMPLETELY drama free”
by WilcoTn January 13, 2021
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It’s an area/ radius where you want zero complaining ,whining ,bitching , comparisons/Judgments and gossip.
I told Alexis we can go out for a drink but I reminded her that my presence its a Drama-free zone.
by Hixxz68 September 26, 2022
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Immediately after an internet personality inserts themselves in drama.

Often associated with people that always find themselves in the middle of all types of drama.
"I like to be drama free, but let me tell you what I just heard!"
by Noble Hamil March 22, 2023
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