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litmas, a combination of the words lit and Christmas, is a word that is used to describe any particularly exciting event. Such events can include a party, concert etc. Frequent users of the word have expanded its definition to cover topics such as an exciting vacation, good food, an exciting weekend down the shore, or even a good conversation with a potential significant other.
Litmas can be used in its original form, or in its hashtagged form, #litmas.
This party is litmas!

Person 1: How was the Backstreet Boys concert?!
Person 2: #litmas!!!

Emma: What are you doing this weekend?
Carla: I'm going to Poland! It's gonna be litmas.
by runXC2013 September 15, 2016
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''Tis the season to be jolly. It's like Christmas, but it's lit. Lit Christmas.
"December 25th! Merry Litmas Fam"

"Beers for Jesus bro, it's Litmas season"
by RidinSwitch December 25, 2016
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The act of getting lit the day before, the day of , and the day after Christmas.
Geez, we really need to get Litmas started earlier than the day before Christmas.
by Shell16 May 10, 2017
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When you combine "lit" and "Christmas".

Popularized by "Jake Paul", a famous content creator on Youtube, in his Christmas album, where he mumbles about stuff that aren't related to Christmas at all, but have barely recognizable classic Christmas tunes.

Gift to your friends so that they can enjoy the 🔥MAD BEATZ🔥 and Jake's 👼Angelic Voice👼 while opening presents on Christmas day.
Friend 1: Hey, did you listen to Jake Paul's new album?
Friend 2: Nah fam, after what happened to Jimmy?
Friend 1: What about Jimmy?
Friend 2: He's hospitalized after his nephew played "Litmas" at the dinner table. Heard his eardrums burst.
by God_left_us December 03, 2017
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A song whose name is a combination of lit + Christmas, the name was never researched and can also mean: a water-soluble mixture of different dyes extracted from lichens
Person1:Jake Paul is a fucking faggot.
Person2:Yeah can't even research litmas.
by PseudoPseudoPseudo All the way December 05, 2017
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An occasion where it's gonna be hella lit
Nan - " Yo you going to my party this weekend? "

Chauncey - "Fuck yeah. Gonna be Litmas"
by HeyAscencio September 23, 2016
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