Christmas day is the perfect day to have your first kiss!!
Girl: “It’s Christmas day! I hope I get my first kiss!!”
by lc_s December 24, 2020
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A shit day when I have to spend my hard earned cash on my ungrateful little kids. A day that many people around the world hate, especially in the times where we are all skint because immigrants steal all our jobs and we get made redundant.
Daddy, please can I get a new game for Christmas?

NO! I am not spending any money on you and I'm not prepared to spend ages wrapping a present with stupid wrapping paper only to have you unwrap it on Christmas Day, you can do one! Sorry but thanks to that damn Polish twat starting at work, my hours have been cut!
by IKnowTheLingo October 21, 2014
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n. Oxymoronicly named period alluding to the daylight hours prior to Christmas Eve. Quite an acceptable coinage despite the objections of some opinionated pedants. An alternate etymology comes from the traditions of the Armenian Orthodox church which speak of the Bethlehem innkeeper's wife, Evangelina, who convinced her husband to allow Mary to give birth in their stable. A feast day in her honour was declared on the day preceding Christmas. Christmas Eve Day, a time for quiet contemplation and fasting, is still celebrated in Asia Minor and much of Central Alberta.

What are you planning for Christmas Eve Day?

I thought I'd stock up on diet coke and pizza for tomorrow.

Well watch out for the language police!
by gnostic1 December 24, 2011
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-I haven't bought my Christmas presents yet
-Oh my god! You are such an idiot! It's Christmas Eve-Day Eve!
by shawndo February 15, 2008
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On 12/19/19 it’s National Watch a Christmas Carol Day. On this day in 1843 the Christmas Carol was published and to celebrate make sure to sit down and enjoy the satire in the modern portrayal of the classic Charles Dickens novel a Christmas Carol.
by amanwithaplan46 December 19, 2019
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Some random ass youtuber that quitted years ago
Josh: have you seen Christmas yes sunny day no?
Jimmy: used to
by BiggeCheese105 October 29, 2023
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