an adjective describing something hyped up by the people around

literally the most overused saying by Travis Scott on his albums

Person 1. Woah dude that was so cool
Person 2. Yeah dude its lit

Ex. 2
"Yuh Straight Up!!
(Higher pitched) It's lit!!!"
-Travis Scott
by SaladSpinner September 28, 2018
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when something fun is happening or something exciting is happening and you and your friends are turnt up
oh shit, tonight it's lit, there's gonna be a party with a bunch of girls bro!
by whocares_ May 15, 2015
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An abbreviated way to say “literally lit” - catering to the misuse of the word “literally”
by bmwbb December 06, 2017
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When something is literally lit. Used as a way to not be confused with the original term “lit”, when it means shit is popping.
by LGEND24 October 29, 2018
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Meaning is cool 😎
Met a really hot chick, yea, dating her is lit but sometimes xxx...
by beardog27 September 22, 2016
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When something is turned up or popping ...
John : did you go to that party last night

Daquan : yes that shit was lit
by fatoubobala January 24, 2014
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Contrary to popular modern belief, Lit is a term used to describe mildly intoxicated. It was often used by blues and jazz musicians in the 40s, 50s and 60s to describe the "sweet spot" in which someone was drunk enough to be relaxed and play better, without being wasted and suffering from motor skill impairment.
Promoter: He's had 5 drinks, will her be able to play?

Musician: He's just getting lit, it puts him in his zone, all good.
by TheGreenAbyss June 04, 2015
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