December is a worldwide holiday, on this day you can eat as much as you want and get away with it and usually you would post on social media what you received as gifts. Also known as Christmas
Hey bro, what holiday is on December 25th again?”
by brojab69 October 17, 2019
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People who are born on December 25th are literally the coolest people ever. They are so fucking pretty and are so good at sex. If you are considering dating or being friends with a person born on December 25th DEFINITELY DO IT even though they are so cool and deserve better than you its ok they are humble people.
" I think I'm gonna ask this girl out." "what's her birthday?" "December 25th" "HOLY SHIT DUDE YOU HAVE TO MARRY HER RIGHT NOW"
by stacyybitcy August 4, 2020
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Fat people with a red jumpsuit break in. And instead of stealing they give
Me: On December 25th some fat guy in a red jumpsuit broke in and gave me stuff.
My friend: Are you sure
by NinjasHyper5975 December 6, 2019
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It’s Christmas 😐 If yall think December 25 is something like “omg ask your crush day!!” No.
You: Yo it’s December 25th..ask-
Me: what.

Me: no December 25th is Christmas you piece of shart. Looks like santa is not giving you anything 🙄 Imagine not knowing it’s Christmas. Go hang out with your family, you loser.
by funnyluv:-) October 18, 2021
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today is the day where u should always be happy and let nobody take ur pride away from you
"Today's December 25th! im so happy 🥺"
by mylifeiswow748492 November 28, 2019
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December 25th is Chrismas you dumb fuck how in the hell you forgot about that day go back to school u twat
man 1: what day is December 25th agian

man 2: how the fuck you don't know its Chrismas you dumb fuck.
by Rlzonx December 15, 2021
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hope youre having a good birthday today its december 25th
by odum December 15, 2020
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