getting lit is the simplest form of showing that your going to smoke weed
by The legend29 January 21, 2017
Down to get lit tonight Q! -fo sho
by birdie March 1, 2005
To hang out not anly meaning with drugs
We are going to get lit at my house
by Aye aveon September 12, 2017
To become (or get) "literate" or fluent (digital literacy & media literacy) in one's use of technology to navigate 21st Century information complexity; common "lit" skills include: being able to discern bullshit on social media, in the news, and in the words and actions of elected officials.
Dwyane would 'get lit' on PolitiFact and Snopes before debates, giving him everything he needed to call Connor out on his QAnon bullshit and win over the audience.
by September 16, 2020
To engage in Consuming Meth substances
by KoJack7 December 11, 2018