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Leon is a very kind and smart person. He has trouble understanding peoples' feelings and finds that hard sometimes. But he is said to be a good kisser and will always stay by your side even at the hardest of times.
"Oh look it's Leon"
by milton48 June 03, 2018
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A friend who is trustworthy and just plain fun. They can make your day just by talking to you because every moment when you're with Leon you'll smile. Sometimes Leon could be bipolar and a little insulting. Most Leon's are artistic and have a great imagination. They can inspire you to be a better person. Having a Leon as a best friend is quite a wonderful gift.
Guy- Is that Leon over there?
Dude- Oh yea! He's so cool!

Guy- Let's be friends with Leon -smileyface-
by MonsterHighInTheManCave March 17, 2013
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Leon is a great guy, normally kind, funny and cute, adorable at times and very romantic, he can make you laugh, smile but he would have trouble understanding how you felt unless you told him.
When you meet a Leon dont let him go, he can hurt you alot, he's amazing and insanely worth it.

He will fight for you if needed and can easily be upset but no matter what happens fight for him.

A Leon will fight for his friends and stand up for his rights, a Leon is normally tall and very attractive and its hard to find anyone like him.
Who's that guy?

Thats Leon isnt he amazing?

Yeah i want one!
by xlilrockstarx September 21, 2010
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The most amazing person you will ever meet,
he is so kind hearted and extremely caring,
anything he says will leave a smile on your face.
you will never meet anyone so incredible.
he is amazing at giving advice and making you happy.
if your friends with a leon i can guarantee you will never have a bad day :)
wow, he is so amazing!
yeah of course, he's a leon!
by ellibellilovesleon August 07, 2011
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A nice guy at times... Can give a tempur if pushed. Usually with long hair, and is mistaken for smoking weed.

Also has a liking for black booty(the firm kind). The girls fall for him, could do better in school. Plus he's into commitment whenever he's with a great girl worth being with.
"You so called Leons should know better!!"

"I wish i had a boyfriend like Leon."

by Pie lover bitch February 23, 2009
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Leon is very common male name. Leon is adorable at times and hot at some times, he looks so hot and cute that he can't even step a foot outside without guys and girls coming up to him and touching his abs. He sometimes looks very lost and would stare off into space. Leon isn't the type to think before speaking. Some say that a Leon is amazing at kissing and gives the greatest head. Leon is also very clumsy, he can trip on air at the most random time. He's got a big dick too.
Girl 1: Who is that cute looking guy over there?
Girl 2: The one that just tripped?
Girl 1: Yeah, he looks really cute.
Girl 2: Oh he looks like a total Leon
by RandomDefinitionWriter December 16, 2018
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Leon is very common male name. A Leon is usually tall and cute, he has to wear a paper bag to stop all the boys and girls to touch his abs. He is a very reliable boyfriend but is shy when in public. Some say that Leon is a very great kisser. He's amazing in bed and would give you head every morning. He is also a lightweight. Leon is very awkward when meeting people, but once he warms up to you, he can be very extreme. Oh and he has a huge dick.
Girl 1: So how was last night?
Guy 1: It was amazing, he even gave me head this morning.
Girl 2: Wow sounds like a Leon to me!
by RandomDefinitionWriter December 16, 2018
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