A person who will stick by his/her friends and there emotions are triggered easily.
Leon's are quite the caring person and will do ALOT of things to please and help the people they love or care for.

Leon's quite frankly keep things to themselves for example stuff they think will be embarrassing or feelings for someone.

Leon's are also very funny and will make your day just by them being themselves.
"oh, look it's Leon"
"Where's Leon I need someone to make my day'
"OMG it's Leon why is he/she so adorable/good looking.
by Life is good&bad cope October 16, 2018
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Leon is a omnisient god who fucks bitches hourly aside with your mom and can down a pint in 3 seconds. People cower in fear towards him. If you see Leon you better belive an Alex or a Chris is boosting them.
Oh would you look at the autistic chad Leon
by IgnitorPyrus February 16, 2020
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He's a weird cunt. But he's a true friend. This cunt will drop kick the next cunt who badmouths you. Leon is a weird ADHD ass kid who didn't get enough attention as a kid.
Person 1: oi cunt why did you drop kick me
Leon: you waz in my wae stoopid
by envycupid October 26, 2020
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Leon is a very sweet boy I don't even know how to describe him he is just so handsome , cute , shy , and most likely to be the most popular boy in your school ... Leon has a very dark past but he will always hide that pain inside and just smile through it , Leon is known for always having hoodies and lolipops he is a gamer all the way through for the boys he's very over poctective about family friends and his partner when his in love he will always blush no matter what if he is quite around you while you're talking is that he I listen to you he will only open up to close friends but when he smiles you can see the pain in his eyes , Leon is very handsome inside and out
Leon : Don't touch my sister Nita or you will die !! 🤜

Nita : ;-; Leon your so over procective

Leon : because..you know why because I love you sister

the boy that Nita was talking to : 🥺😥👏
by xxxtentation... September 17, 2020
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A really stupid, but really cute boy who steals your heart within minutes. He makes sure you feel important and loved at all times, but will make you ugly laugh like an idiot. He'll call you cute to make you blush and then call you cute for blushing. Leon's the sweetest person you'll ever meet.
Oh my God, I'm so in love. Literally a BOY has stolen my heart. I swear to God, I'm gonna marry Leon.
by Reeeversethecurse April 19, 2020
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Leon is a great guy, normally kind, funny and cute, adorable at times and very romantic, he can make you laugh, smile but he would have trouble understanding how you felt unless you told him.
When you meet a Leon dont let him go, he can hurt you alot, he's amazing and insanely worth it.

He will fight for you if needed and can easily be upset but no matter what happens fight for him.

A Leon will fight for his friends and stand up for his rights, a Leon is normally tall and very attractive and its hard to find anyone like him.
Who's that guy?

Thats Leon isnt he amazing?

Yeah i want one!
by xlilrockstarx September 21, 2010
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The most amazing person you will ever meet,
he is so kind hearted and extremely caring,
anything he says will leave a smile on your face.
you will never meet anyone so incredible.
he is amazing at giving advice and making you happy.
if your friends with a leon i can guarantee you will never have a bad day :)
wow, he is so amazing!
yeah of course, he's a leon!
by ellibellilovesleon August 7, 2011
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