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Hourly - Adjective - Someone who is close to death/On their death bed/Sick and with ever declining health which prevents them from completing tasks in a timely fashion

Famously used in the TV Show "Archer"
*Pam delays in hitting Cyril and eventually hits him to knock him unconscious*
Archer: what took you so long? are you hourly?
by Darxil February 06, 2018
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If a genius thinks like the second hand on a clock, the average person will be the minute hand.
If you are slow, you are hourly.
What are you, Hourly?
(Archer FX)
by Eddy mass July 13, 2019
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Hourly - Adjective - Sick to the point of almost dying / Being on your death bed / Wanting to die

Known for being used in the TV show "Archer"
*Pam delays in hitting Cyril on the back of the head to knock him unconscious*
Archer: What took you so long? Are you Hourly?
by Darxil May 05, 2018
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