Leon is usually ginger, fat or really small. He is the god of all humanity and should be praised like jesus himself.

Usually very funny and always getting in trouble.

If you are friends with a Leon you are lucky.
'whos is that buff man'
'fucking hell you don't know Leon'? '
by Gxdu February 12, 2019
"Damn it I got rank 10 again."
"Was it cause of Leon?"
"Yeah, the hoodie lollipop dick sucker sneaked up on me."
by Brawlstars player March 27, 2019
Also known as French Jesus. He has the most rock hard abs, Real Jesus and Black Jesus got nothing on him. His shaggy hair makes all the women drop.
"Woah, Leon's abs are so hard and his hair makes me drool." Me
by DopeFrancis69 June 27, 2021
Prick, reckons he’s amazing cus he vapes, ginger knobhead who likes to think he’s solid, knows when he’s wrong, likes to call people a fucking melt with his stupid scooter . Don’t date he likes to mess girls around because he is a headfuck. Likes to lie about people but won’t admit it when he gets found out. Has a stupid blue bag and always wears blue even though he doesn’t like the colour. Whistles at people because he thinks he’s a god. Annoying as fuck
Urgh look at that prick , he is such a leon
by Lucy and August 4, 2019
Leon is a very gay type of person
Bully: I fucked ur dad
Me: ur such a Leon
by Dylkan00 January 21, 2020
Leon is a massive cunt who comes home to you on Sundays and Saturdays playing Roblox on your computer on your account, being a massive cunt against other players and not even talking to you.
Look it's Leon!
Don't talk to him he's a massive cunt.
by Galacticore March 31, 2019
Leon has the biggest dick ever, it almost makes up for the lack of decent personality traits . It is shocking how big a Leons dick can be, it is the main course trust me on that. Leon does not only have a big dick he is one too; though it's pretty funny watching him fail in a sad kind of way. He is at a state of constant midlife crisis but at least his dick is big!
OMG you didn't tell me your dad is such a Leon...
by blownbastic April 11, 2020