Leon also known as the alpha of all males.

We all know Leon is at the godly height of 14.5 feet tall, and can move at the speed of 200 meters per second.

Every women falls for him immediately. Legends say that if you get eye contact with him, your whole body gets paralyzed.

- It's the Leon. RUUUUUUUUUUUN
by DAURORU October 2, 2019
He's a weird cunt. But he's a true friend. This cunt will drop kick the next cunt who badmouths you. Leon is a weird ADHD ass kid who didn't get enough attention as a kid.
Person 1: oi cunt why did you drop kick me
Leon: you waz in my wae stoopid
by envycupid October 26, 2020
real boyfriend material.

So sexy he has to put a paperbag over his head to stop girls from jumping on him and feeling his hard abbs and sexy man perfume. A leon is a person who is very loving and selfless. A leon does whatever it takes to make his girlfriend happy. Leons tend to be very very clumbsy as well
" hahah hes such a leon he fell on a curb while crossing the street"
"i wish i had a leon as good as yours!"
Leon is a very sweet boy I don't even know how to describe him he is just so handsome , cute , shy , and most likely to be the most popular boy in your school ... Leon has a very dark past but he will always hide that pain inside and just smile through it , Leon is known for always having hoodies and lolipops he is a gamer all the way through for the boys he's very over poctective about family friends and his partner when his in love he will always blush no matter what if he is quite around you while you're talking is that he I listen to you he will only open up to close friends but when he smiles you can see the pain in his eyes , Leon is very handsome inside and out
Leon : Don't touch my sister Nita or you will die !! 🤜

Nita : ;-; Leon your so over procective

Leon : because..you know why because I love you sister

the boy that Nita was talking to : 🥺😥👏
by xxxtentation... September 17, 2020
Leon is a really sweet guy but then he decides to ghost you for no reason at all.
Girl 1-Hey you know Leon?
Girl 2-Yea we dated for a while but then he ghosted me
by MY NAME IS NOT UR BUSINESS February 28, 2019
When you go to sit on the toilet for a fart, just incase something solid (or liquid) passes at the same time
I’m just off to the loo for a Leon”
by sam butler May 19, 2020