The most amazing person you will ever meet,
he is so kind hearted and extremely caring,
anything he says will leave a smile on your face.
you will never meet anyone so incredible.
he is amazing at giving advice and making you happy.
if your friends with a leon i can guarantee you will never have a bad day :)
wow, he is so amazing!
yeah of course, he's a leon!
by ellibellilovesleon August 7, 2011
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A nice guy at times... Can give a tempur if pushed. Usually with long hair, and is mistaken for smoking weed.

Also has a liking for black booty(the firm kind). The girls fall for him, could do better in school. Plus he's into commitment whenever he's with a great girl worth being with.
"You so called Leons should know better!!"

"I wish i had a boyfriend like Leon."

by Pie lover bitch February 24, 2009
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Leon also known as the alpha of all males.

We all know Leon is at the godly height of 14.5 feet tall, and can move at the speed of 200 meters per second.

Every women falls for him immediately. Legends say that if you get eye contact with him, your whole body gets paralyzed.

- It's the Leon. RUUUUUUUUUUUN
by DAURORU October 2, 2019
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real boyfriend material.

So sexy he has to put a paperbag over his head to stop girls from jumping on him and feeling his hard abbs and sexy man perfume. A leon is a person who is very loving and selfless. A leon does whatever it takes to make his girlfriend happy. Leons tend to be very very clumbsy as well
" hahah hes such a leon he fell on a curb while crossing the street"
"i wish i had a leon as good as yours!"
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A very nice person when in the Public, or at least... He's a devil on the inside and an angel on the outside. He always gets caught but suffers from depression with a sad life, He does make good jokes and likes various activities.
Here comes Leon, I heard he just finished his Piano concert.
by Leonisagoodguy October 27, 2020
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Leon is a really sweet guy but then he decides to ghost you for no reason at all.
Girl 1-Hey you know Leon?
Girl 2-Yea we dated for a while but then he ghosted me
by MY NAME IS NOT UR BUSINESS February 28, 2019
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