A very nice person when in the Public, or at least... He's a devil on the inside and an angel on the outside. He always gets caught but suffers from depression with a sad life, He does make good jokes and likes various activities.
Here comes Leon, I heard he just finished his Piano concert.
by Leonisagoodguy October 27, 2020
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Leon is very common male name. A Leon is usually tall and cute, he has to wear a paper bag to stop all the boys and girls to touch his abs. He is a very reliable boyfriend but is shy when in public. Some say that Leon is a very great kisser. He's amazing in bed and would give you head every morning. He is also a lightweight. Leon is very awkward when meeting people, but once he warms up to you, he can be very extreme. Oh and he has a huge dick.
Girl 1: So how was last night?
Guy 1: It was amazing, he even gave me head this morning.
Girl 2: Wow sounds like a Leon to me!
by RandomDefinitionWriter December 16, 2018
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Leon thinks he is the best, he thinks that everyone likes him. but in fact there are a very little amount that actually likes him. he is a self centered racist. He is a homophobe who’s obviously still in the closet.
he says disrespectful words
some dude- Did that guy just say the N-Word?
some other dude- yeah, that’s Leon.
by aholelicker3000 March 17, 2022
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Leon is someone you can call a bestrfirend and a brother he is someone you can tell anything to and he'll be there to help he is one of the best people you can know and be part of a relationship with he is normally seeen as a wierd kid but when you get to know him he is so innit and incredibly smart he could even steal a girl if he tried but he's quiet.Leon is someone you can talk to till the sunrise and still laugh he is insanely smart talaneted and looked up at even tho we may not show it and you better enjoy his company bc I do! :)
Leon:He looks like a LeonMcardle

Definition of a LeonMcardle is a best friend brother and amazing person
by Lollololpol October 28, 2019
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Leon is very common male name. Leon is adorable at times and hot at some times, he looks so hot and cute that he can't even step a foot outside without guys and girls coming up to him and touching his abs. He sometimes looks very lost and would stare off into space. Leon isn't the type to think before speaking. Some say that a Leon is amazing at kissing and gives the greatest head. Leon is also very clumsy, he can trip on air at the most random time. He's got a big dick too.
Girl 1: Who is that cute looking guy over there?
Girl 2: The one that just tripped?
Girl 1: Yeah, he looks really cute.
Girl 2: Oh he looks like a total Leon
by RandomDefinitionWriter December 17, 2018
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1) Latin for 'Oracle' or 'Wise one'.

2) Characterised by large hair, also known as helmet head.

3) Term used to describe one who complains to receive freebies.

4) Very slow driver.
1) "I would have arrived 20 minutes earlier if I wasn't stuck behind that Leon on the highway!"

2) "My face is leaking, I need a Leon"

3) "My Leon helmet protects me from hail!"
by Chooked May 1, 2006
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"Damn it I got rank 10 again."
"Was it cause of Leon?"
"Yeah, the hoodie lollipop dick sucker sneaked up on me."
by Brawlstars player March 27, 2019
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