To shy away from something as if you were afraid of it.
I knew you would be a coward, and cower away.
by megan August 4, 2004
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When you are particularly hungover, sick, or depressed, and lay down in the shower with the lights off to aid recovery. When done on a time limit, such as needing to go to work soon, it is known as a Cower Shower Power Hour.
1: Yo last night was crazy. You look rough though. You good?
2: Y'all are lucky I even showed up for my shift.
1: That bad?
2: Took a Cower Shower this morning and it saved my life.
by DasFen September 23, 2023
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Someone who does not have a nutsack even though claiming to be a male. This person loves talking shit on social media but does not have the balls to say anything in person, usually hugging that person and holding a conversation like nothing happened. Blay loves to talk shit to other guys girlfriends.
Blay Cowers always talks shit to Soles gf, most likely because she is the hottest girl in the grade and he failed to talk to the fine lady. Blay knows Sole could absolutely shit in his existence but he still fucks with Soles girl. Blay is an absolute pussy.
by 9inchers November 28, 2016
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When a guy gives a woman flowers to express his vulnerable romantic emotions for her.
He just flower cowered. Isn't that adorable?
by Ereck Flowers May 3, 2019
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ur weak and scared so you curl up into a damn ball and cry
by urmomishomo May 20, 2022
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